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    19 Tumblr Posts That Prove Cats Are Actually Perfect

    We don't deserve cats.

    1. This cat that's having the time of its life.

    2. And these ones who have made an amazing discovery.

    3. This feline who revealed his true self.

    4. These cats who have the greatest love story ever told.

    5. And this one who's found his new favourite food.

    6. This cat who likes to participate in class.

    7. This cat who just wanted to show off.

    8. These cats happilly tucked up in bed.

    9. And this cat who can tuck himself into bed.

    10. This cat who was photographed at the perfect moment.

    11. And this one who is perfectly colour-coordinated.

    12. This kitten who looks fantastic with blusher.

    13. And this perfect sphere of fur.

    14. This very expressive cat.

    15. This cat who has a beautiful and floral look.

    16. And this very studious cat.

    17. These cats who you definitely want to be friends with.

    18. This cat who knows how to get what he wants.

    19. And finally, this cat dad who is honestly just so done.

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