14 Of The Most Deeply Tragic Things To Have Ever Happened To Chocolate

    Why do bad things happen to good chocolate?

    1. This chocolate bunny that melted in a very unfortunate way.

    2. And this cake that's suffered a similar fate.

    3. These chocolate strawberries that are a bit of a disaster.

    4. This chocolate fountain that looks far from appetising.

    5. This uncomfortably graphic Santa chocolate.

    6. This chocolate that was wasted on an (admittedly very good) sponge cake prank.

    7. This chocolate bar that was eaten all wrong.

    8. This chocolate cake with a glistening hole in the middle that might put you off dessert.

    9. This cake batter that doesn't seem like cake batter at all.

    10. This chocolate that tragically came straight off the doughnut.

    11. This brownie cheesecake where the dollops of brownie looked like something else entirely.

    12. And these chocolate brownies that were absolutely ruined by someone cutting them this way.

    13. These perfectly good chocolate cakes adorned with an icing that didn't turn out quite right.

    14. And this chocolate bar that should have NEVER been eaten like this.

    “I don’t think I’ve ever had a Kit Kat before,” my boyfriend remarks before doing THIS