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18 Times Louis Theroux Was The Best Person On Twitter

"I think my kids signed me up as an Uber driver without telling me."

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1. When he lamented about going to Glastonbury one day.

One day I'm going to go to Glastonbury. [sigh] I'll be like one million years old.

2. When he tweeted about soup and it was really wholesome.

Feeling pretty pleased with myself. We are going away and I turned all the leftover veg into 2 soups for freezing.

3. When he had a good point about the Ed Sheeran lyric "I will be loving you till we're 70".

What happens to Ed Sheeran's wife when she turns 71? UH-OH!!!!

4. Actually, he had a lot of Ed Sheeran related questions.

"When your legs don't work like they used to before..." Did you just THREATEN ME, Ed Sheeran??!

5. When he accidentally started a new career path.

I think my kids signed me up as an Uber driver without telling me.

6. When he didn't know if conkers were cool or not.

Can't get the kids interested in playing conkers. Is conkers dead and no one bothered to tell me?

7. When he had to explain this odd tweet.

8. When he really enjoyed the word "docos".

9. When he had this response.

10. When he was thrilled to meet another excellent documentary maker.

11. When he made this joke.

Came out this morning and this was happening. #GetARoom

12. When he took the piss out of himself.

British Museum, using state-of-the-art techniques, releases impression of what Neolithic man may have looked like.

13. When he had this strong tweet to promote his documentary.

Ready for some costume drama? Then DON'T WATCH my gritty compelling doc on a US forensic hospital starting now! #bbc2

14. When he summed this picture up pretty well.

15. When he was super supportive of Stormzy.

@Stormzy1 So honoured to see this! Great interview too.

16. When he enjoyed a great meme, as we all do.

17. When he was really humble.

18. And when he found out just how Louis Theroux he is.

I'm 74 percent Louis Theroux, which is about right. MT: What percentage Louis Theroux are you? via @buzzfeed