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This Woman Protested Against The "Tampon Tax" By Free-Bleeding Outside Parliament

Charlie Edge wanted to show just how necessary menstrual products are.

This is Charlie Edge, a 22-year-old from Berkshire.

Last Friday she and two friends went to Westminster to protest against the "tampon tax". They wore white trousers and went without tampons show why they thought tampons shouldn’t be considered a "luxury item".

Last month, MPs voted against a motion forcing the Treasury to challenge Brussels over the "tampon tax"

In a Facebook post, Edge wrote: "Everyone keeps saying 'haha omg how quickly would we get free tampons if everyone stopped wearing them?!' So, I'm giving it a go."

She spent three hours free-bleeding outside parliament.

She told BuzzFeed News “most people smiled and gave us positive responses” on the day of her protest.

"If people are grossed out by me not wearing a tampon then I think that emphasises my point," she said. "They’re not ‘luxury items’."

She responded on Facebook to criticism about the protest, saying: “This isn’t just ‘three girls outside parliament with blood stains’."

"This is three more people who are angry about something, encouraging the millions of other people who are also angry about the same thing, to talk about it."


Last month, MPs voted against a Labour motion forcing the Treasury to challenge Brussels over the "tampon tax". An original version of this article incorrectly stated they had voted against scrapping the tax.