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    21 Things We Bought That Basically Got Us Through 2020

    Who knew a toastie maker would be the best investment ever?

    1. After enduring countless home workouts in 2020, this highly-rated exercise mat is still going strong! It's thick enough to use for a variety of moves.

    2. These lavender-infused Epsom bath salts from Dr Teal's relieve aches and get you into a relaxed mood for bed.

    3. This lash lift kit delivers impressive results at home and has thorough, easy-to-follow instructions.

    4. The Fire TV Stick lets you access all your streaming services from your TV, which has made it perfect for a year full of binge-watching.

    5. It's not even an exaggeration to say this deep-fill Brevile toastie maker has totally transformed working-from-home lunches in 2020.

    6. This set of deeply hydrating sheet masks are a go-to for any and every pampering session.

    7. This highly-rated umbrella has come in very handy considering how much of our socialising has happened outdoors this year.

    8. These pimple patches absorb the gunk from spots to help heal them overnight, making them ideal for any sufferers of mascne.

    9. This deeply nourishing hand cream works wonders on hands that are cracked and dry from frequent washing.

    10. The Mindfulness Puzzle Book is a screen-free way to relax during a time when, well, we could all use some relaxation.

    11. This comforting wheat-filled pack can be heated up in the microwave to soothe any cramps and aches.

    12. This 4.6-star rated travel mug keeps hot drinks hot for hours and got a lot of use during the many park walks of this year.

    13. This leave-in argan oil hair treatment protects against heat damage and improves the appearance of split ends (perfect for when it's been hard to book in a trim).

    14. This serum has glow-inducing effects and is excellent value for money.

    15. These seriously strong Command strips help with lockdown DIY projects without the need for tools or the risk of annoying the landlord.

    16. The clever design of this running belt holds your stuff securely and doesn't thwack against your hip while you do your 5K.

    17. This phone tripod and Bluetooth clicker makes it easy to take pictures of yourself and discover your ~angles~.

    18. This powerful topcoat gives long-lasting home manicures for those times where getting them done at the salon hasn't been an option.

    19. Alongside having a deliciously seasonal apple and cinnamon flavour, this Teapigs tea is also caffeine free!

    20. This memory foam cushion makes sitting on a dining chair for hours on end more comfortable.

    21. This set of dermaplaning razors can remove facial hair, tidy up brows, and scrape away dead skin – they're perfect to use in-between (or instead of) waxing or threading appointments!