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    18 Things Everyone Who's Addicted To Buying Books Will Understand

    You shouldn't be left in a book shop unsupervised.

    1. Whenever you enter your room, you start to realise your book buying is getting slightly out of hand.

    2. But you're reluctant to give any away to make room.

    3. Your dream reading list keeps getting added to.

    4. Your shelves are running out of room.

    5. So you're having to improvise.

    6. Sometimes you contemplate getting a book only to realise you already have it at home, unread.

    7. But you've probably ended up with a few doubles when you've forgotten.

    8. You're frequently told that you have enough books to set up your own library.

    9. You try to rein in your book buying by borrowing them from people, but it's not the same.

    10. You're always asking people for book recommendations to add to your constantly-growing collection.

    11. You get through book shop loyalty cards pretty damn quickly.

    12. Your budget for books is significantly bigger than your budget for anything else.

    13. You feel pretty guilty when you think about all your unread books.

    14. And you frequently have this conversation with yourself.

    15. Sometimes you try to make your habit more economical, like by buying really thick books so they'll last you longer.

    16. Going out to buy just one doesn't really end up working out.

    17. So you really need to bring someone with you to help keep your book buying in check.

    18. But no matter how many books you have, and how little room there is on your shelves, you know you'll keep buying more.