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    I Started Baking A Year Ago — Here's All The Things I've Learned So Far

    Loaf cakes and drop cookies are every novice baker's friend!

    Hi, I'm Jasmin! I've always loved the idea of baking, but every time something went wrong I would give up on the hobby for a few months before restarting. But last summer I decided to really commit to making more stuff, and I learned a few useful things to bear in mind along the way.

    But nonetheless v proud of the beauties I’ve made despite being unable to even make cookies three months ago

    1. Loaf cakes and drop cookies are hard to mess up.

    2. A lot of really great bakes don’t look like anything special.

    3. The initial upfront cost can be intimidating, but after that, it’s mostly plain sailing.

    4. Don’t feel obliged to spend lots of money on a stand mixer when you’re starting out.

    5. The odd shortcut isn’t the end of the world.

    6. Recipes say "be careful not to overmix" for a reason.

    7. Turn off your phone's auto-lock while you’re baking.

    8. Weighing scales, as opposed to measuring cups, are your friend.

    9. Unless something says it can be substituted, if you're starting out do NOT substitute it.

    10. Remember that most things taste okay when heated through in the microwave and drunk with a cup of tea.