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    21 Things Everyone Will Probably Be Wearing Again Soon

    Are you really ready for the return of these?

    OK, so while crop tops, chokers, and all kinds of other ’90s fashion is back, that means eventually we're gonna come back round to these ’00s ones...

    1. Skinny scarves.

    2. Ra-ra skirts.

    3. A dress, worn over jeans.

    4. Ponchos.

    5. Low-rise trousers that are really low.

    6. Pageboy caps.

    7. Shrug cardigans.

    8. Boho skirts.

    9. Circle belts.

    10. These waist belts, worn with everything.

    11. Halter tops.

    12. Slogan T-shirts with this exact gothic font.

    13. Bandanas.

    14. Ties with a regular ol' top.

    15. And waistcoats, because as you remember, the ’00s was a very smart-meets-casual style era.

    16. Super high-waisted jeans that are half low-rise jean, half corset.

    17. Very small handbags.

    18. Blazers with a hoodie sewn in.

    19. Von Dutch everything.

    20. Crochet beanies that are slouchy but worn as if they're kind of fancy.

    21. And finally, suede boots that end mid-calf.