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    These Are The Bestselling Products Our Readers Loved In January

    Including a grossly satisfying earwax removal kit!

    1. These eco-friendly electric toothbrush heads with charcoal-infused bristles are compatible with pretty much any Oral-B toothbrush that has a round detachable head.

    2. This motion sensor light is perfect for your wardrobe or drawer, as well as for when you don't want to fumble around for a light switch while heading to the bathroom at night.

    3. With these space-saving hangers, you can fit up to five items using the space of just one hanger.

    4. This lil' Limey Tap gadget is an effective way to completely immerse your tap in descaling solution – just fill it with your preferred descaler, pop this on the tap, and leave it for however long you need to!

    5. This Magnoball prevents and removes limescale buildup in dishwashers and washing machines, with pretty much no effort on your part.

    6. This highly-rated cutlery tray will save you loads of space in your drawer, thanks to its clever design that stacks your cutlery on top of each other.

    7. These teeth-whitening strips will grip to your teeth so your smile is whitened evenly! They're great for people with sensitive teeth too, as they don't contain fluoride or peroxide.

    8. This eco-friendly, wallet-friendly laundry egg contains natural cleaning pellets that'll wash your clothes just as well as regular detergent does – and it'll last you for up to 210 washes!

    9. This ear wax removal syringe will dislodge even stubborn ear wax using just water. It's a safe way to remove wax without risking damage to your ear drum, and the lumps of wax that come out are, tbh, disgustingly satisfying.

    10. These elastic suspenders mean your bed sheets won't ride up during the night, no matter how much you toss and turn.

    11. This latex cuticle guard is genius! You can peel it away once you're done with your DIY manicure and it will lift away any excess polish that got onto the skin around your nail.

    12. Cleaning a garlic crusher is usually quite a lot of faff, but this garlic rocker is 1) easy to clean, and 2) great at finely chopping garlic rather than crushing it, so you still get all those lovely aromatic oils.

    13. Who among us, when unsure of what to make for dinner, hasn't turned to BBC Good Food? This cookbook by them is full of cheap and healthy recipes that can be made with easy-to-source ingredients.

    14. These reusable makeup remover pads are a planet-friendly alternative to disposable cotton rounds. Once you've used them, put them in the washing machine and they'll be ready to go again!

    15. Make a standard ponytail or bun a little more fun with these seriously cute velvet scrunchies.

    16. Get your sock drawer perfectly organised with these honeycomb drawer dividers that will make finding a matching pair in the morning a breeze.

    17. If you're looking to add some more gratitude into your life, this beautifully-designed journal is a great place to start.

    18. Next time the dentist asks if you floss, you can say "yes" and actually mean it with this water flosser in your life. It uses water pressure to thoroughly clean the areas between your teeth that a toothbrush can't reach.

    19. Say goodbye to cotton buds with plastic stems that end up in landfill, and hello to these compostable, biodegradable ones made of bamboo!

    20. These adorable wool tumble dryer balls help to speed up the drying process, reduce static, and act as a replacement for fabric softener too.

    21. Taking up a new hobby can feel really daunting, but this beginner-friendly embroidery kit makes it so easy! Alongside learning a new skill, you'll end up with four pretty embroidery cloths at the end, making it a double win.

    22. If your grout lines have seen better days, this pen will restore their appearance and has an anti-mould formula to help prevent mould from reappearing.