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    The Wine List Have Launched A Letterbox Wine Club And Your First Box Is Free, So It's Time To Take Up A Fancy New Hobby

    You'll be a wine expert in no time!

    If you haven't heard of The Wine List, they're a company that delivers carefully-selected wines to your door and helps you learn about them (the perfect blend of fun and educational, IMO).

    They've just launched a wine-tasting club called "By The Glass" that'll deliver three glasses of wine through your letterbox as well as a home course – and new customers get their first box for free!

    The wines they select are ones you'd struggle to find in the supermarket, with an emphasis on indigenous grapes and wines from less commonly-known regions. Because of their rebottling system, each wine will last for up to two weeks so you don't have to rush the tasting either!

    Boxes are usually worth £15, so the free trial is definitely a bargain. The only thing you have to pay is the £4 postage, and you can cancel the subscription at any time. There's no code for your free trial either, just sign up as a new customer and enjoy that first free box.

    Alongside the wines you get tasting cards, online video lessons, part of their 'wine roots' learning course, and access to live tastings and events. Not bad right?

    So if all that sounds good to you, head over to The Wine List to claim your first free box!