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    The Body Shop's Advent Calendars Have Arrived And They're Worth Way More Than What You'll Pay For Them

    Body butter, sheet mask, and lip care galore!

    As the summer winds down and the colder months approach, there is one thing to look forward to...all those amazing beauty advent calendars.

    And lucky for you, The Body Shop have dropped not one, not two, but three different advent calendars, all with a ridiculously cute pop-up construction.

    First up is 'Share the Joy', the cheapest of the trio (and worth £22 more than what you'll pay for it). I won't spoil it for you completely but among the mini treats is some lip care and sheet masks!

    Next up, the 'Share the Love' big advent calendar lives up to the 'big' in its name – some of the products in this are full sized! What's more, while it's worth £119 you'll only pay a fraction of that.

    And if you really want to treat yourself, the 'Share the Love and Joy' ultimate advent calendar is worth the splurge. It's worth £64 more than what it'll cost you, and alongside some minis, there's loads of full-sized treats!

    Just an FYI, because these are so popular (they often sell out!) they're limited to one per person. So if you want to spoil yourself or someone special, snap up one of their advent calendars over here!