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    19 Pictures So Satisfying They'll Cleanse Every Makeup Addict's Soul

    Prepare to ~feel things~.

    1. This before and after of sponges being cleaned.

    2. And this one of brushes.

    3. The swirl of this untouched bronzer.

    4. The perfect point on this lipstick.

    5. These insanely pretty swatches.

    6. These lovely, sharp lipliners.

    7. And these lip balms side by side.

    8. This completely finished contour kit besides a new one.

    9. This picture-perfect powder compact.

    10. The makeup imprint on this cotton wool pad.

    11. This very, very smooth pot of makeup.

    12. These palettes that fit perfectly in their storage.

    13. This flawless eyeliner wing.

    14. This blush, and the way the words are neatly raised.

    15. The way this makeup is organised.

    16. This vanity that has been thoroughly organised.

    17. These aesthetically pleasing dots of makeup.

    18. These mindblowing marble-effect lips.

    19. And finally, this completely finished eyeshadow.