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19 Questions I Have About "The Devil Wears Prada" Every Time I Watch It As An Adult

Why did Andy throw away that perfectly good steak?

First things first – The Devil Wears Prada is an iconic film that is to be quite honest, peerless. I was obsessed with it as a 12-year-old and still am, but as an adult there are some serious questions this movie raises.

1. For example, how does Andy get a job in the first place when she openly admits that she doesn't know who Miranda is or anything about the publication? Considering "a million girls would kill for this job."

2. Why does the movie try to convince us that Andy looks any different to the other, also slim, women at Runway?

3. Seriously, why are they always calling her a six as if it's a dirty word?

4. And if it's so supposedly difficult to find clothes in her size, where do all these outfits that fit Andy perfectly come from?

5. Why is Andy's boyfriend such a dick? Especially about his birthday, when they could have done a belated celebration at a later date.

6. And how do her friends not understand why throwing her phone around when she's gotten a call from Miranda is a shitty thing to do? Especially when they're enjoying the perks of her job!

7. How does Nate not get the hypocrisy of treating fashion as frivolous but getting expensive ingredients and talking about the intricacies of french fries over dinner?

8. Considering Andy is a recent university grad and is presumably in her early twenties, how has she amassed such accomplished friends!?

9. How did she not think to sometimes keep her disdain for fashion to herself, especially when in front of her boss?

10. Why did she believe Miranda's kids and go upstairs to drop off The Book, and what possessed her to leave it at the foot of the stairs?

11. How did Emily cope with being at her desk all day if she couldn't even go to pee? Did she have a bottle under her desk or something? Where was the HR department in all of this?

12. How were Andy and Nate affording an apartment with no roommates when he's working as a chef in a presumably fairly junior role, and she's not working at all the start of the film?

13. Why was Emily so happy to shit on a job she was literally doing not that long ago?

14. Why did Andy have to throw away that perfectly good steak? Yes, she was furious, but it was a fancy steak!

15. Why was Andy chilling at home with two thin tank tops layered over each other?

16. How did Miranda get to be so powerful and influential without understanding how weather works? Did she expect Andy to grow wings and fly to her?

17. Why did Andy throw her phone in the damn water instead of rejecting the call or just changing her number or something?

18. Why does Andy end up apologising to Nate when he's not sorry at all? A year in the grand scheme of things is nothing, and they both knew that she was going to leave her job at that point anyway and things would go back to normal.

19. And why does it have to end with them looking like they're going to get back together, when they're just not right for each other at all?