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    31 Products To Help You Feel Like More Of An Adult In 2021

    New year, new (slightly more grown-up) you.

    1. These chewable vitamin D tablets are high-strength and one tub will last you a whole year! We don't tend to get much of this 'sunshine' vitamin in the UK but it's important for your bones and muscles.

    2. Stop your fresh produce going off mere days after buying it by nabbing these eco-balls. Place them in your fridge or fruit bowl and they'll absorb the produce-rotting gas some fruit and veg release, helping to prolong the life of your food and preventing waste.

    3. Make the weekly food shop easier with this planner pad! It has sections for you to plan your meals for the week and a tearaway shopping list part organised by category, so you won't end up having to make multiple trips to the same aisle when you're at the supermarket.

    4. Remove pet hair from your sofa the easy way with this reusable pet hair remover that's quicker and less wasteful than a lint roller! The hair will collect in a compartment at the back which you can then empty into the bin.

    5. You can use this roller stamp to conceal private information on letters or parcel labels before you chuck them away!

    6. This washing machine cleaner will remove 99.9% of the bacteria and micro-organisms from your machine that can otherwise build up and cause those unpleasant damp smells or mould in your detergent drawer.

    7. Pop this non-stick liner onto the base of your oven and it'll catch any drips and spills that you'd otherwise have to scrub away at. When it gets dirty, you can just whip it out and put it in the dishwasher or clean it by hand.

    8. You won't need tools or glue to install these hooks – just peel away the sticky backing, press firmly, and you're done! They'll ensure you've always got somewhere to pop your towel or jacket so it doesn't just end up slung on the banister.

    9. You might actually remember to drink enough water once you have this water bottle! It has handy markings to remind you of how much you should drink at each point of the day, and the handy flip-top straw makes it easier to passively sip from compared to screw-top bottles.

    10. You can finally get rid of those tea stains that have built up on your favourite mug with this Astonish powder that actually lives up to its name. There's no scrubbing required, and it doesn't leave behind any funny tastes or smells either.

    11. If you're slightly embarrassed by how long it's been since you last cleaned your makeup brushes, it might be a good time to get this Real Techniques cleansing gel and make washing them regularly a new habit for 2021.

    12. Save space in your wardrobe (and make it easier to see what clothes you have) by swapping your regular hangers for these 'magic' ones! They can stack up to six items of clothing vertically.

    13. This spacious and sturdy organiser will keep your car boot organised – it's perfect for putting your shopping bags in after a food shop to stop the contents rolling out!

    14. Baking trays and chopping boards can be tricky to store, but this nifty rack will make it easier to stow them away when they're not needed.

    15. These non-slip liners will save you from trying to scrub at your fridge shelves next time there's a spill. They can be cut to size and are easy to remove and clean whenever they get mucky!

    16. If you find yourself constantly having to readjust your fitted sheet because it rides up during the night, you might want to consider these sheet suspender straps. They'll secure your sheet to the mattress so that they it stays in place no matter how much you toss and turn.

    17. These non-stick silicone baking mats can be used over and over again! They're great for baking but work just as well on things like meat or chips, and whatever is cooked on them will lift away easily.

    18. If you want a skincare routine but know you'll forget anything with elaborate steps, these NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix pads are the perfect solution. Just swipe them across your face before bed and they'll exfoliate your skin and decongest your pores.

    19. Have your cards close to hand with this slim stick-on wallet that'll easily attach to your phone. It can hold up to five cards and has a secure flap to prevent them from falling out.

    20. If you've tended to be a bit lax with using coasters, this wood cleaner will remove the ring marks on your coffee table.

    21. Upgrade your regular pillow cases to these satin ones! They're kinder to skin and hair as they absorb less moisture, so you're not as likely to wake up with frizz or sleep creases.

    22. Organise your shower space (without the need for tools) with these self-adhesive caddies.

    23. Make 2021 the year you finally do floss every day by picking up this electric water flosser! It effectively cleans the tight gaps between your teeth using water jets, and is surprisingly fun to use too.

    24. If your knives are no longer at their best, it's likely that they're due a sharpening. This knife sharpener has a 4.5-star average rating from over 30,000 reviews and will even work on serrated knives.

    25. For those of us who always forget to bring a bag when they go to the shops, this fold-up reusable tote will come in seriously handy. It folds into a tiny rectangle that you can keep in your glove compartment or coat pocket so you're never caught without it!

    26. This collapsible laundry basket has a large capacity so you won't need to make multiple trips from the washing machine to the clothes horse, and when you're done you can fold it down flat and easily stow it away.

    27. Rather than getting through endless amounts of kitchen roll, it's worth nabbing these eco-friendly dishcloths. They're fast drying and perfect for all sorts of cleaning jobs – from mopping spills in the kitchen to wiping down the bathtub. Each one lasts for 200 washes!

    28. With this W7 'It's Magic!' cloth, you'll never have an excuse to neglect removing your makeup properly before bed. Just put it under the tap, wipe it over your face, and you're done!

    29. These chopping boards are flexible so you can easily transfer chopped food to the pan with minimal mess or faff – they're also colour-coded to prevent cross contamination!

    30. Give your grossest baking tray a new lease of life with this Bar Keeper's Friend powder. You can use it on everything from your shower to your stove so it'll be easy to keep your home clean without the need for tons of different bottles and sprays!

    31. These shoe drip trays are perfect for popping your boots on after a muddy walk to save you from having to mop away any mess.