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    14 Products To Help Remove Bad Smells From Pretty Much Everything In Your Life

    So long, smells!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. These chef's candles eliminate cooking odours in your kitchen, so you'll no longer have to deal with smells lingering around for hours after you cook.

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    Whether you burnt your morning toast and find the kitchen now reeks of it, or are just trying to cook some fish without it stinking up the kitchen for ages, these candles are the perfect solution. These are particularly useful if you live in a small space where smells travel really quickly into other rooms. These candles don't have a particular smell of their own, and they really do remove the odours rather than just mask them with a fragrance.

    Price: £6.69 for a pack of three.

    2. These drain cleaner sticks are a simple solution to stinky drains, just pop one in your drain once a month and it breaks down grease buildup while keeping your drains smelling fresh.

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    These sticks may look small but they are seriously powerful. Once you drop one in your drain it begins to release enzymes that will absorb food, grease, and other deposits. It claims that within a few hours the smells will disappear! These are suitable for plastic and metal drains all over your home and are also non-toxic.

    Price: £12.99 for 60 sticks.

    3. This copper tongue scraper will remove the bad-breath causing bacteria on your tongue, because no matter how good your oral hygiene is, everyone's breath can be a little musty sometimes.

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    Copper is great at breaking down oral bacteria, and this product is a super satisfying way to scrape off that white residue that can accumulate on your tongue. It's also easy to take care of as you just have to wipe it clean.

    Price: £4.99

    4. Having a dog is mostly a joy, with the exception of when there's a little accident indoors and the pee smell just won't budge. This stain and odour remover will keep your carpets looking and smelling fresh again.

    Amazon / Via

    Whether your furry friend is a pup or a fair bit older, them peeing, throwing up, or pooing indoors is occasionally going to happen. This is safe to use on carpets, bedding, upholstery and clothing, and it can also discourage dogs who are being toilet trained from marking. This has been reviewed over 1,300 times and has an average rating of 4.4 stars.

    Price: £13.49 for four litres

    5. This stainless steel bar removes smells that latch onto your hands during food preparation, because as delicious as garlic and onions are you probably don't want your hands smelling of them.

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    This is designed to last forever so is eco-friendly as well as being 100% chemical free. Use it like a regular bar of soap, so rinse your hands before rubbing this bar against them and then you're done! No more smells! It even comes with a little soap dish for you to pop by your kitchen sink.

    Price: £4.99

    6. This cool lil' penguin deodorises your fridge to absorb those pungent smells.

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    He goes by the name Chill Bill, and he's there to stop your fridge from stinking! Simply open the penguin in the middle, fill with baking soda, and then leave in the fridge to sort out the stench. When you find the smells starting to return, just empty out the baking soda and refill with some more. Reviewers say it's cute AND effective!

    Price: £10.88

    7. Shoe Rescue is a 100% natural powder that will solve the problem of smelly shoes AND feet.

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    Developed by a podiatrist, this has no chemicals and instead uses a mix of natural powders and essential oils to control the bacteria in your shoes that mingles with sweat to create the stinky-shoe situation. To use, pour one level spoon (the spoon comes with the powder) into each shoe, then gently tap the heel and toe of your shoes to distribute the powder evenly. Then just pop them on and wear them as normal! Repeat this daily for 7-10 days, and then you can just do it as and when needed afterwards.

    Price: £12.50

    8. Seriously, there's a lot of stink-fighting penguins out there. These dehumidifier hanging bags can combat the musty or damp smells that often thrive in corners or cupboards.

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    Put these in cabinets, wardrobes, or corners to get rid of damp, musty smells.

    Price: £6.95

    9. This pre-poo spray means you'll never feel worried when someone needs to use the bathroom straight after you.

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    Just spray before you do your business and it creates a seal in the toilet bowl to stop the stench entering the air.

    Price: £8.09 for a pack of two

    10. Obviously your rubbish is often what's causing a smell, but sometimes your bin is actually the real culprit! The Bin Buddy gets rid of odours and soaks up mess in your bin bag or bin.

    Amazon / Via

    Bye bye, bin juice! This creates a lovely citrusy scent in your bin and the granular material soaks up the liquids dwelling in the bottom of your bin or bin bag. You can use this on indoor or outdoor bins and it also repels bugs and insects. You can get up to 30 uses from one of these and reviewers say these really do make a difference to smelly bins!

    Price: £2.74

    11. This doggy deodorising spray will keep your dog smelling great between washes, and contains Pro-Vitamin B5 to help improve the condition of their coat.

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    This will help get rid of odours if they've been rolling around in mud, splashing in puddles, or have that "wet dog" smell, but is mild enough to not strip the essential oils from their coat. It's 100% vegan and pH balanced!

    Price: £4.69

    12. When you're in-between washes but want your hair to still smell good, you can't go wrong with this cruelty-free dry shampoo powder made with Bentonite clay and essential oils.

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    This contains grapefruit and clary sage to give a fresh fragrance to your hair, and reviewers say this smells great. This powder also gives your hair a boost of volume, and is free of talc, palm oil, SLS, parabens, and synthetic colours and fragrances.

    Price: £11.95

    13. Buildups of limescale, grease, and detergent can cause your washing machine and dishwasher to let off some really unpleasant smells. This highly rated limescale and detergent remover saves the day, and is suitable for ALL makes and models of dishwashers and washing machines.

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    This removes limescale buildup as well as odour-causing bacteria. It cleans all the internal parts of your appliance and can even help to prolong its lifespan! This has loads of positive reviews and an average 4.6-star rating, with several reviewers praising this for its ability to help remove smells from their machines. You only need to use one sachet a month so this is fairly low-effort but yields great results.

    Price: £12.29 for 12 sachets

    14. And finally, these activated charcoal bags can eliminate odours from tons of spaces! The bags purify the air against bacteria, mould, fungus, and naturally absorbs bad smells.

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    These can do it all! Perfect for your cabinets, your car, your gym bag, and lots of other places, this will neutralise smells and is free of chemicals. You can even leave one out in the kitchen if it smells of cooking! These are made to last, all you have to do is place them in direct sunlight for one to two hours a month and they will rejuvenate and be as good as new again. They even absorb moisture so are able to reduce mildew. So don't be deceived by the size of these lil' bags, they are really effective.

    Price: £12.74 for two bags