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    16 Products To Help Make The Stuff You Already Own Last Longer

    Give your things a new lease of life!

    1. Extend the life of your razors with this blade sharpener that also doubles up as a case.

    2. Get the most out of your jarred food with this silicone scraper that will reach the nooks and crannies to get your peanut butter/jam/mayonnaise out.

    3. This two-pack of storage containers are designed to keep food fresher for longer, perfect for anyone sick of their fruit spoiling before they get a chance to eat it.

    4. Keep your delicates safe and snag-free in the washing machine with this five-pack of mesh laundry bags.

    5. Rather than throwing out or replacing your favourite clothes that have gone all bobbly, invest in this highly-rated fabric shaver that'll restore your clothes to their former glory.

    6. If your earphones are always getting tangled in your bag or pockets, that can cause wear and tear to the cord which shortens the earphone's lifespan. Keep them free of tangles with this inexpensive but effective holder.

    7. Don't let your shoes get ruined in the rain – protect them from terrible weather with this water-repelling spray.

    8. Make your hand wash or washing-up liquid go further with this foaming soap dispenser that claims to reduce the amount of soap used by up to 75%.

    9. Chargers often fray or wear out near the plug connector area because of all the yanking, tension, and general day-to-day strain they take! So it's a good idea to reinforce them with these silicone charger savers designed to help prolong the life of your cables.

    10. Limescale in your kettle doesn't just make your tea taste bad, it can affect your kettle's performance. These drop-in descaling bags are a quick and easy way to get rid of limescale and have your kettle almost brand new again!

    11. This OXO jar really is the one to buy if you're looking to stop your biscuits going soft and stale within days of opening them.

    12. This spray prevents your wine from oxidising after it has been opened and keeps it tasting fresh.

    13. This herb saver will stop your fresh herbs from wilting so quickly.

    14. Get your jewellery, watches, and even glasses looking pristine with this ultrasonic cleaner.

    15. These backless toe topper socks can help to prevent those infuriating toe-holes in your tights by reducing rubbing.

    16. Washing machines and dishwashers are definitely things you want to last you a long time, and this limescale and grease remover protects them from damage by removing buildup of limescale and detergent.