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    23 Products That Might Actually Help You Become A Morning Person

    Including a timed coffee machine that can prepare it for you while you're in bed.

    1. This body lotion can be applied directly onto wet skin straight after you get out of the shower – perfect if you're short on time in the mornings!

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    No need to rinse it off either, just put it on wet skin and then towel dry yourself as normal. It's non-greasy and infused with avocado oil and apricot oil so is very nourishing! It claims to lock in twice the moisture, twice as fast.

    Price: £6.50

    2. This wrinkle release spray removes wrinkles from your clothes when you don't have time to iron them.

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    Sometimes you only realise last-minute that the top you were planning to wear is actually pretty creased – that's where this comes in! It also removes static from your garments and gives them a fresh scent.

    Price: £13.51

    3. Cut some time off of your makeup routine by letting these double-sided eyeliner stamps sort your wings out for you.

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    These are smudge-proof, waterproof, and do what they say on the tin i.e., all you have to do is stamp them on the corners of your eyes for perfect, symmetrical wings every time! The other side of the pens is a regular felt-tip liner, so you've got everything you need for Instagram-worthy cat-eyes.

    Price: £9.97 for a pack of two, one for your left eye and one for your right

    4. This coffee machine has a timer so you can set it to be ready for when you wake up in the morning! We live in the future.

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    Be woken up in the morning by the smell of delicious coffee, and if you don't leap out of bed to drink it immediately it's no problem as the thermal jug keeps coffee hot for two hours. This machine also has an aroma selector so you can choose how intense you want your coffee. To keep it clean there's a descaling program, calcification display, programmable water hardness level and a detachable machine-washable filter. It's been reviewed over 600 times and has an average 4.6-star rating, making it an ideal choice for those who can't function in the mornings without their coffee.

    Price: £54.99

    5. This multifunctional avocado pitter and slicer will make preparing breakfast hassle-free.

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    Because avocado on toast is delicious but removing the stones is a real hassle! This also comes with a fruit peeler and slicer.

    Price: £5.98

    6. These packs of strong breakfast tea are the perfect way to wake up a bit if your regular tea doesn't quite cut it when you're tired.

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    If you fancy your morning cuppa being a bit punchier, this particular Yorkshire Tea blend has Assam tea in it which gives it a lil' extra something.

    Price: £8.00 for 160 teabags

    7. This roll-on is packed with hyaluronic acid and makes tired, puffy morning eyes look more awake.

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    This works for dark circles, under-eye bags, puffiness and crow's feet. This is lightweight and fast-drying so you can pop it on in the morning before you apply your makeup. It's also cruelty-free, and has no parabens, sulphates or alcohol in it! 83% of reviewers have given this five stars, and many say it makes a different to tired eyes.

    Price: £12.99

    8. This cute lil' elephant mug will perk you up when you have your morning cuppa.

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    Mornings can be crap, but they're probably slightly less crap when you're drinking tea out of this.

    Price: £8.87

    9. This dry-erase fridge calendar will remind you what you've got going on that day while you're grabbing milk for your cereal.

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    Never forget to send that person a birthday text again!

    Price: £10.99

    10. Make styling your hair a breeze with this four-in-one styler that works as a dryer, straightener, curler, and just a regular brush.

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    Drying your hair with this makes it smooth and shiny as this styler reduces frizz and static thanks to its negative ion technology. Using this by your roots (it's safe to use by your scalp BTW) is a great way to give your hair some volume, and to get bouncy curls just rotate the brush inwards or outwards depending on which direction you want the curls to go. It has three levels of temperatures to choose from, and is a great time saver for rushed mornings.

    Price: £27.51

    11. And save even MORE time with these ultra-absorbent, anti-frizz microfibre towels that claim to absorb up to 80% more water than a regular one.

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    It's designed to stay firmly in place once it's on and is large enough to still work if you have long hair too. These are super fluffy and absorbent, and come with a wide-toothed comb as an added bonus!

    Price: £13.95 for two towels and a comb

    12. The energenie plug will switch off your appliances at the mains after a pre-set 30-minute period, so you'll no longer turn around 15 minutes into your journey to work to double check your straighteners are off.

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    So simple, yet so genius!

    Price: £8.49

    13. Wake up to the hair of a Disney princess (or close enough), with this pair of satin pillowcases that keep your hair tangle and frizz-free. They don't absorb moisture like cotton ones do so your hair's shine won't be lost.

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    Honestly, who wouldn't want to wake up with their hair already looking good? These are also available in ten different colours so there's bound to be ones that suit your decor. BTW, these are especially great for curly hair!

    Price: £6.98 - £9.99 depending on colour

    14. End up running late because you can't find your keys in the morning? This wireless key tracker has got your back.

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    This comes with six receivers that you can put on those items you easily lose (such as keys), and then when you can't find them just press the corresponding letter on your key tracker and the receiver will start beeping.

    Price: £19.80

    15. On particularly cold mornings this cosy dressing gown will keep you toasty while you potter around the house.

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    Getting out of your bed in the mornings during the colder months can be super difficult, but having this to hand means you can still be warm when you're up and about. This unisex robe comes in five different colours and is available in sizes S-XXL.

    Price: £21.99 - £28.99 depending on size and colour

    16. If no morning is complete without a cup of tea, you'll want this tea tool that gets your teabag out of the mug, squeezes out the last bits of tea from it, and then acts as a convenient way to drop the tea bag in the bin.

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    The problem-solving product tea lovers didn't realise they needed.

    Price: £4.99

    17. The WetBrush detangling brush will be a great addition to your morning routine, and it makes getting knots out of your hair much less painful.

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    I can personally vouch for this brush, having had waist-length hair for many years this has been a saviour in the mornings for quickly and efficiently getting my hair to look half decent. It also works well on wet hair (as the name implies) after washing to get the tangles out.

    Price: £11.95

    18. Sometimes you've got to go old school. This retro-style alarm clock has no snooze function so you either have to get up or risk oversleeping. It also doesn't tick so it won't distract you while you try to fall asleep.

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    If you consider yourself a heavy sleeper, rest assured that this alarm sound is very loud.

    Price: £9.99

    19. A waterproof timer like this one can be put in the shower so you don't end up spending longer than you intended to in there.

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    Whether you get too immersed in singing along to your shower playlist or just end up spending a solid half-hour ruminating on life when you should be getting ready, this will force you to improve your time management in the mornings!

    Price: £12.77

    20. The 6-minute diary can help set you up for the day when you wake up (and also when you want to unwind in the evenings) by encouraging you to think of what you're grateful for and what you want to get out of your day. And it only takes three minutes.

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    Most of us feel a bit rushed in the mornings but this gives you a lil' window of time to really think about what you want, and take stock of what you already have. There's also monthly checkers and habit trackers so you can get an overview of how you've been feeling and whether you're sticking to new habits.

    Price: £22.90

    21. Getting ready in the morning is less stressful when you can easily find your stuff. This set of drawer inserts mean that your clothes will be neatly organised, so you can clearly see what you've got and aren't rummaging for a pair of matching socks.

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    This comes with six storage containers in three different sizes; small, medium, and large.

    Price: £12.99

    22. Leaving your house in the morning only to spot you've got cat fur on your tights is not great to say the least. This hair-and-lint removal brush is the solution.

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    Black clothes + pets with light hair is a stressful combination, but this makes quick work of de-furring your garments.

    Price: £3.35

    23. Waking up to find your skin looks amazing? Yes please. Just put this Laneige sleeping mask on before bed and be amazed by your glowing complexion the next day.

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    This gives your skin some intense moisturisation, and won't get all over your pillows as long as you give it a little bit of time to "set" before sleeping.

    Price: £19.75