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    25 Products That'll Keep Your Home Clean And Organised In 2021

    New year, new (looking) home.

    1. If there's loads of cables cluttering up your WFH space, you can use this highly-rated wrap to bundle them together! It's got an impressive 4.5-star average rating and can easily be cut to size.

    2. Your pantry will look pretty Pinterest-worthy with these chalkboard stickers! The chalk pen they come with is waterproof, so you can even label things in your fridge.

    3. These under-the-shelf storage baskets will hold the clutter that you never know where to put, and all without taking up much space!

    4. This corner shelf insert will save you space and means you can easily access your plates without having to lift off a load of other dishes to get to them.

    5. If you want to become the kind of person who never has trouble finding matching socks, these drawer organiser inserts are here to help you.

    6. This inexpensive wire rack will give you an extra shelf in your cupboard, helping you to to organise your ingredients more neatly.

    7. Baking trays and chopping boards can be awkward to store, but this rack means they'll finally have a proper home in your kitchen.

    8. If you're sick of your ironing board always toppling over in the utility cupboard, this sturdy hanger will let you prop it up on your wall along with the iron.

    9. You can use these medium-sized Command utility hooks on everything from your dog's lead to oven gloves. They're easy to install and won't leave any residue behind when you remove them!

    10. You can pop this suction-cup sponge holder inside your sink to allow your sponge to air dry rather than remaining soggy on the countertop.

    11. For a do-it-all spray that'll tackle grime on a variety of surfaces, you can't go far wrong with this grapefruit-scented all-purpose cleaner. It works on tiles, metal, sealed wood, and more!

    12. Make 2021 the year you finally tackle the dirt at the top of your cupboards thanks to this telescopic duster! It extends to 2.5m and its microfibre head can be bent to reach any tricky corners, so even the nooks and crannies of your home will be clean.

    13. This set of specially designed Spontex cloths will keep your bathroom sparkling. One of them is ideal for scrubbing at tough grime, while the other tackles dirt and dust. Best of all, both of them only need water to work their magic!

    14. This Bloo rim block will keep your loo fresh and clean with virtually no effort on your part. It'll release a powerful dirt and limescale-busting cleaning agent every time you flush, as well as a floral scent.

    15. Before you give up on that stain on your sofa or carpet, it might be worth trying this incredibly highly-rated stain remover spray. It works on a variety of surfaces and can tackle marks left by grease, wine, coffee, and more.

    16. These powerful Mr Clean erasers wipe away marks from your walls and doors using just water. All you have to do is wet it under the tap before squeezing the excess water out – then it's good to go!

    17. Regular brooms are so 2020. This rubber one is easier to clean and way more efficient, plus it'll work wonders on pet hair. You'll also get a dustpan included!

    18. Organise your condiments with this Lazy Susan turntable. It's ideal for making those bottles and jars at the back of the cupboard way easier to access.

    19. This shelf organiser comes with a removable towel rack that makes it perfect for your bathroom, but it'll work just as well in your kitchen or utility cupboard. It comes with a strong, traceless adhesive that means you don't need to use any tools to install it.

    20. Or if you're after something specifically for your shower, how about this caddy? It'll fit around the pipe so you can keep your shower floor clear of shampoo bottles.

    21. This little container is a pretty way to organise your cotton buds and pads, and its lid will ensure the contents don't get affected by the humidity of the bathroom.

    22. This laundry bag can be hung on the back of your door or inside your wardrobe to keep unclean clothes out of sight. It has a nifty zip at the bottom to make emptying its contents easy!

    23. Stop all those "are you sitting on the remote?" arguments thanks to this armrest organiser that *also* has space for a phone and tablet.

    24. Get your leather sofa looking back to its best with the help of this restorer and conditioner. It softens the leather and reduces the appearance of any scuff marks that may have appeared over time.

    25. These little baskets will make it easy to see what's already in your fridge, so you don't end up buying endless amounts of stuff you actually already have.