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    23 Practical Products To Help Make You Feel Like You Have Your Life Together

    Fake it till you make it.

    1. These magnetic duvet clips secure your duvet to the cover so that it doesn't move around inside.

    2. Get a clear view of what's in your kitchen cupboard (and stop buying items you don't realise you've already got loads of in the process) with this three-tiered cabinet organiser.

    3. If your phone or keys have ever fallen victim to the gap between your car seat and centre console, you'll appreciate these gap fillers. They'll catch your stuff so that you no longer have to rummage around for the change you swore you had.

    4. Get a better idea of what you're spending - and how to save more - with this 4.7-star(!) rated budgeting planner that over 1,700 people have reviewed.

    5. Got five half-empty packets of fusilli in your cupboard right now? Same. Decant store-cupboard ingredients into these airtight containers instead – they stack on top of each other to help save space, and come with cute chalkboard labels.

    6. It's probably time to organise that junk drawer in your house, and these interlocking organisers might be just the thing to help you do it.

    7. This understated acrylic organiser stores and displays your makeup collection at the same time.

    8. This self-cleaning garment brush means you'll no longer have to walk around with what feels like 60% of your pet's fur on your clothes.

    9. Maximise the space in your home and find a place for all your clutter with this organiser that you can easily hang over your door – no tools required!

    10. If you're fed up with a) the tricky and gross job of cleaning your fridge trays, and b) your produce going off before you get a chance to eat it, these fridge liners will take care of both of those problems.

    11. Instead of dealing with the grief of all your pots and pans clattering out when you try to awkwardly stack them in a cupboard, hang them on this rack that can easily be fitted to your wall.

    12. These simple lil' key holders will help to identify which of your keys is for what, so you don't end up standing outside your front door trying and failing to open it with the wrong key.

    13. These bag clips will secure your opened food bags to keep your favourite snacks from going stale.

    14. This magnetic meal planning notepad has sections to plan out what you'll be cooking every day as well as a tearaway shopping list for you to take with you to the supermarket.

    15. Make sure you actually drink enough water every day with this water bottle that has nifty time markings to give you an idea on how much you should drink for each hour of the day.

    16. This felt backpack insert makes navigating the contents of your bag so much quicker and easier.

    17. It's time to finally get around to putting those pictures up on your wall! These Command hooks make it really easy, and you won't have to faff about with nails or hammers either.

    18. This simple - yet genius - dishwasher magnet means you won't have to play "am I actually eating with a dirty spoon?" roulette.

    19. This little magnetic holder is the perfect place to hang your keys from – no more rushing around before leaving the house because you're frantically trying to find them!

    20. This A4 accordion folder will hold the important documents that you're kind of worried about misplacing.

    21. If you're not the type of person who knows when they last washed their makeup brushes, you can be with this cleansing gel that will deeply clean them.

    22. This nifty, old-school kitchen tool is a quick way of measuring ingredients without the need for a scale. The inside has different markings and measurements for different types of food, so just pour in your sugar, rice, or other dry ingredient until it gets to the desired level.

    23. Get your windows and glass super clean and free of streaks with this window vacuum.