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    24 Insanely Effective Products That Do Their One Job Really Well

    What can I say, they get the job done!

    1. This portable dog paw cleaner is a quick and easy way to remove any muck from your dog's paws after a muddy walk.

    2. This reusable pet hair remover is faster and more effective than a lint roller, catching even the smallest of hairs!

    3. These little dehumidifier tubs will absorb the excess moisture in the air – they're perfect for garages, wardrobes, and caravans among other places.

    4. This lip repair stick by O'Keeffe's provides instant relief for chapped lips, and will last even after you eat and drink.

    5. These self-adhesive strips will let you put up heavy frames without the need for any tools.

    6. This headlight restoration kit removes oxidisation and yellowing to get your headlights looking new again.

    7. This soap saver keeps your bar high and dry, which extends its life and stops those gross slimy pools from forming.

    8. This copper tongue scraper will get rid of any white residue on your tongue, making your breath fresher in the process.

    9. There's no need to to faff about with swirling the water or adding vinegar if you want perfect poached eggs – these Poachies bags will do all the work for you!

    10. Use these exfoliating mitts on your body and be amazed (and disgusted) by how much dead skin they buff away.

    11. This highly-rated Sally Hansen cuticle remover can dissolve dry cuticles in as little as fifteen seconds.

    12. Keep your most important kitchen tools at their best with this knife sharpener – it even works on serrated knives!

    13. Pop this Greensaver by OXO into your crisper drawer and it'll help to keep your produce fresher for longer.

    14. This TubShroom will catch any fallen hairs before they have a chance to clog up your drain.

    15. These grossly satisfying foot peel masks will get rid of the hard, dead skin on your soles.

    16. This powder will remove tea and coffee stains from the inside of your mug without the need for any scrubbing.

    17. These cute little cable bites will help to stop your phone charger from becoming frayed and damaged.

    18. This Booktopus will hold the pages of your book open for you, making reading one-handed way easier.

    19. Soothe dry, irritated, screen-frazzled eyes with this Optrex spray that provides instant relief and prevents further moisture loss.

    20. Makeup brushes are one of the most important pieces of your beauty kit, and this specially-formulated shampoo will help you to gently but effectively clean them.

    21. Next time you spill makeup or tea on your carpet, use this stain remover spray and watch the marks vanish!

    22. This hair growth oil can help your locks to grow thicker, stronger, and longer, and judging from the reviews it really does work wonders!

    23. Add some extra inches of water to your bath with this overflow drain cover that'll let you enjoy a truly relaxing soak.

    24. Retrieve your toast without scalding your fingers by using these simple (yet genius) bamboo toaster tongs.