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    15 Products For If You Like Everything To Be Truly, Thoroughly Clean

    No grime, dust, or dirt here!

    1. This set of deep cleaning brushes will scrub all those things that are difficult to clean, including grouting, shower walls, and the grates on your hob! One of the brushes is double-sided with a wiper blade to clean tight crevices.

    2. This foam spray effectively removes the limescale on your shower head and leaves it gleaming.

    3. Your hair deserves to be super clean too! This silicone scalp massager gives your hair a good thorough clean compared to just using your hands to rub shampoo in, and it also exfoliates your scalp!

    4. This deep-cleaning mop breaks up grease and dirt and you only have to use water for it to work its magic!

    5. Whether it's your mugs at home or the thermos you take to work, this tea and coffee stain remover restores them to looking pretty much brand new.

    6. This USB-chargeable 6-in-1 facial cleansing brush will have your skin feeling super clean.

    7. If cleaning your oven is your most dreaded task, this Oven Mate gel makes it so much easier as it doesn't require any scrubbing to work effectively.

    8. Clean your window tracks (seriously, when did you last clean them?) with these groove-gap cleaning brushes.

    9. This 4.7-star rated carpet cleaner/brush combo does a seriously good job of removing tough stains on your carpets and upholstery, and it neutralises odours as well.

    10. This duster is flexible and multi-purpose so you can get those hard-to-reach areas like the back of your radiators.

    11. If nothing will budge the burnt-on food stuck onto your hob, this non-scratch hob scraper should do the trick.

    12. To really get in under your nails and clear out any dirt, you can't go wrong with this highly-rated cuticle pusher and nail cleaner set.

    13. This squeegee is a game changer if you want the glass in your shower to be clean and streak-free.

    14. This leather cleaning and conditioning balm will bring your sofa, bags, and shoes back to life if they look like they've seen better days.

    15. And finally, Angry Mama makes cleaning the crusty food from the inside of your microwave a breeze.