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    22 Products That'll Help To Solve Your Highly Specific Problems

    They know what their job is and they're damn good at it!

    1. This lightweight and stretchy 'Maskies' hook ensures your face covering fits securely and helps to alleviate any discomfort on your ears.

    2. Keep that spare avocado half fresh until you next need it by using this storage pod that's specially designed for the job.

    3. Use this clever tea tool to remove your teabag, squeeze any extra tea out, and then drop the bag into the bin without it causing drips all over your floor or counters.

    4. Protect your furniture from your cat's claws by using this deterrent tape. It's tear-resistant, can stand up to multiple scratches, and doesn't leave a residue behind.

    5. These stretchy ear hooks will stop your glasses from sliding down throughout the day!

    6. If your bathtub isn't quite deep enough for your liking, this overflow drain cover will let you add some extra inches of bath water.

    7. LED lights on devices can be distracting when you're trying to nod off, so it's well worth trying these nifty little dimmer stickers.

    8. This ultra durable lightning cable is ten feet long, so you can comfortably use your phone in bed or on the sofa while it's charging, even if the plug isn't particularly close by.

    9. Stop your duvet from bunching up under the covers by securing it in place with these clips.

    10. You can flip this reversible sign depending on whether your dog has been fed or not – so there's no mix-ups and accidental second breakfasts!

    11. Make food prep much easier by using these under-the-counter bins that fit over the doors of your cupboards. You can scrape your peelings and rubbish straight into them instead of making multiple trips to the kitchen bin!

    12. If getting your eyeliner wings even is the bane of your life, this genius stamp is here to help. There's two pens in each pack – a stamp for each eye – so you can achieve perfect symmetry every time.

    13. This comprehensive cleaning kit will keep your AirPods in tip-top shape (because wax buildup on them doesn't just look gross, it can also mess up their performance!).

    14. Pop these rubber anti-shock feet under your washing machine and they'll stop it from noisily vibrating.

    15. You can dissolve that dry cuticle skin in as little as 15 seconds thanks to this highly effective cuticle remover gel from Sally Hansen.

    16. This motion-sensor activated toilet light means you won't have to turn The Big Light on (and wake yourself up even more in the process) next time you use the loo in the middle of the night.

    17. As things open up and we can holiday in the UK, this roll-up ironing mat is a useful addition to your weekend bag. It comes with an integrated area to rest the iron on too!

    18. You know those tea stains at the bottom of your mug that your dish sponge just can't reach? Yeah, this cleaning powder will sort them out for you.

    19. This sleep mask features wireless Bluetooth headphones, so you can listen to your fave podcast in bed without your earphones digging in. The control panel is at the front, which makes it easy to access regardless of which side you sleep on.

    20. If the strap of your FitBit isn't very comfortable, switch it out for this soft scrunchie one that's cute and functional.

    21. These zippered pouches are designed for your pads and tampons, so you don't need to take your whole bag to the bathroom with you.

    22. Long FaceTime calls can be great, but the arm ache that ensues? Not so much. This height-adjustable phone and tablet stand means you can have video calls hands free!