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    19 Problem Solving Bathroom Products That Are Actually Pretty Genius

    Bye bye, limescale!

    1. This foaming dispenser means your hand wash ends up lasting longer – in fact it claims to reduce soap consumption by up to 75%!

    2. Some parts of a bathroom can quickly become a hotbed of mould thanks to the damp conditions, but this 4.6-star rated mould remover spray gets rid of it with ease.

    3. Okay, so you probably have a bath mat – but this microfibre one is easy to clean, super absorbent, dries quickly, and doesn't budge!

    4. This OXO Good Grips squeegee has been reviewed over 2,600 times, and people love it! Using this after a shower will help remove that water which can eventually turn into soap scum and/or leave water marks, plus it doesn't leave any streaks.

    5. This might not look like a typical toilet plunger but its design makes it super effective – it can reach far around the bend, with eight times more force than a cup plunger.

    6. This fancy-looking holder is a pretty way to store your hairdryer and straightener/curling tongs, ensuring they're always easy to find and ready to use.

    7. Use up to 30% less water, have increased water pressure, AND enjoy the ~clean~ feeling that comes with using filtered water with this ionic showerhead.

    8. Hair building up in your drain – it happens! But this nifty lil' tool fixes that, as it catches the hair before it can clog your drain.

    9. Love reading in the bath but hate damp pages? Or tempted to use your phone or tablet but worried about accidentally dropping it in? This bamboo bath caddy is super functional, as its slotted design keeps your valuables secure!

    10. Lots of us are guilty of taking our phone to the loo, and this toilet roll holder with a built-in bit for your smartphone means you have somewhere to rest it.

    11. This pack of self-adhesive hooks will provide a useful bit of bathroom storage, and they're protected against water too!

    12. This minimalist toothbrush caddy can be mounted to your wall to save space if there's not much room near your sink.

    13. No more slimy, mushy soap bars! This soap saver is designed to extend the life of your soap by helping it to dry quickly.

    14. No more scrambling about for your conditioner, thanks to this sturdy shower caddy that fits neatly around your shower rail.

    15. If you struggle with bending down or stretching, this foot brush scrubber provides a simple way to clean your feet in the shower that you can do standing up – you just have to walk back and forth on it.

    16. Get at the hardest-to-clean bits of your bathroom with this highly-rated set of brushes.

    17. Shower curtains can get gross way too quickly, but this 100% waterproof one is anti-mould, anti-bacterial, and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

    18. This limescale remover spray will have your showerhead looking brand new!

    19. Prevent water from your shower splashing all over the floor with these shower guard clips.