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    27 Practical Gifts That They're Likely To Use All The Time

    Things they might not have even realised they've always needed.

    1. This reusable water bottle has time markers on the side to motivate them to drink enough water throughout the day.

    2. The Aeropress is one of the cleverest ways to make great coffee, and once they try a brew made with this they'll be hooked.

    3. Do they keep meaning to get an electric toothbrush but never get around to it? Treat them to this Oral-B one that claims to remove up to 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

    4. This genius little tablet holder means they can sit comfortably while watching movies.

    5. Styling their hair in the morning will be a breeze with this Toni and Guy deep wave barrel that'll give them effortless, natural-looking waves.

    6. They'll never want to take these cosy memory foam slippers off!

    7. Every time they're at their desk, they'll be so glad you got them this memory foam lumbar support cushion for their chair.

    8. A reusable coffee cup is already a pretty nifty gift, but the fact this Stojo one is ALSO collapsible makes it even better.

    9. This highly-rated electric blanket goes on top of their mattress and is made of fleece for even MORE cosiness.

    10. Home cooks will really appreciate this trio of chef's candles that absorb odours in the kitchen, meaning they can pan-fry fish until their heart's content.

    11. Anyone with long or thick hair needs a reliable detangling brush, and this rose gold one does a great job (as well as being very pretty).

    12. This cotton unisex bathrobe is so soft it'll have them feeling like they're at a swishy hotel or spa.

    13. Does the tea at their office just not cut it? Now they can always bring in some of their own with this cute teabag tin.

    14. A good sleep mask can make a real difference, and you can't get much better than this one with over 12,000 reviews.

    15. This card holder is sleek, minimalist, and will even protect their cards from unauthorised contactless scanning.

    16. This silk pillowcase may seem indulgent (and it kind of is) but it actually has benefits for their skin and hair, helping to retain moisture and reduce hair static.

    17. This Anker powerbank is pretty much guaranteed to get a lot use from them, because who among us doesn't sometimes go out with a dangerously low battery percentage?

    18. This W7 It's Magic! makeup remover cloth is going to make taking off their makeup so much simpler, and it only needs water to work.

    19. Your messiest friend will finally be free of (some) clutter with this drawstring makeup bag. When pulled out and laid flat it becomes a mat that allows them to easily see all their products.

    20. This 2020 diary by Rifle Paper Co looks really luxurious, and has a practical and useful layout that gives them an overview of their plans.

    21. This rose gold holder organises and displays their hair styling tools, so their straighteners will always be easy to get to and free of tangled cords.

    22. This minimalist weekly desk planner will help them keep on top of their schedule.

    23. This stacked bento box is so lovely, they'll actually WANT to bring in lunch from home!

    24. They'll love lounging around the house in these checked pyjamas that come with a bow tied around them already (meaning less work for you).

    25. This set of five VonShef knives will please your favourite home cook thanks to its high-grade stainless steel blades and ergonomic handles – and the bright colours and knife block that shows them off aren't too bad either!

    26. They can enjoy perfectly cooked eggs with hardly any time or effort involved with this Dash rapid egg cooker.

    27. Not everyone has space for a bedside table, but they still need somewhere to put their things! That's where this very clever BedShelfie comes in, which clamps easily onto most bed frames.