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21 Pictures That Prove Dogs Are Actually Completely Perfect

We're all so lucky that dogs exist.

1. This dog being at one with nature.

2. This lady who's just getting some rest.

3. This dog who understands the power of dance.

4. This dog's reaction to his portrait.

5. And this service dog patiently waiting for theirs.

6. This dog seeking comfort away from the storm.

7. This sassy AF dog.

8. And this one who's well-aware of what they're doing.

9. These friends who look like they're having a chat through the fence window.

10. And this pup who's just frozen in awe.

11. This dog's adoring gaze.

12. And this dog who's so damn happy to be with his owner.

13. This dog basking in the beautiful sunshine.

14. And this one simply trying to avoid the rain.

15. This pup who's absolutely nailed the current trend.

So my sister made my dog do the mannequin challenge and..... #Mannequuinchallenge

16. And this one who knows all the right angles.

17. This dog who's embraced her new look.

18. And this one who's taken to their new job with ease.

19. This pup who proves that dogs are indeed man's best friend.

20. This one who knows what she wants and how to get it.

21. And this big ol' cutie who just wants to be held.

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