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    18 Dogs On Tumblr Who Are Almost Too Perfect To Be Real

    They're all so damn wonderful.

    1. This dog and her tortilla chip.

    2. This dog who's having a great time in the snow.

    3. And this one who's cosy in bed.

    4. This dog who thinks he's a cat.

    5. This dog who's found a clever way to avoid getting into trouble.

    6. And this one who's not 100% aware of her size.

    7. This blissful dog.

    8. And this ~unusual~ bath bomb.

    9. This dapper little guy in his raincoat.

    10. This casual destroyer of ambitions.

    11. This beauty.

    12. And this sassy dog.

    13. This dog who really loves chicken nuggets.

    14. This adorable poser.

    15. This gift giver.

    16. And this dog who's really excited for a shower.

    17. This dog making a powerful statement against capitalism.

    18. And finally, this perfect pup enjoying her laundry basket.

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