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21 Pet Owners Who Honestly Deserve A Medal

All pets deserve to be treated this well.

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1. This thoughtful mum who made this for her dog.

My mom made a lil corner for my dog since he won't be able to go outside during the hurricane

2. And this dog owner who made the most of a free room.

I'm in college for not even a month & my mom rearranges my entire room just for my dog

3. This woman who got her bird a contrasting companion.

I got Kiwi a lil goth gf 🖤💛💚

4. This guy who went all out for his new puppy.

lol if you think i actually hired a photographer to take pictures of my new puppy then you're exactly right bc i to…

5. And this woman who wanted her dog to feel like he was contributing to the household.

I bought a mini toy laptop for my dog. So he can at least look like he's helping support this family.

6. The person who organised what looks like the greatest party ever.

7. This guy who wanted every single fish to feel appreciated.

Today I took yearbook photos of my fish

8. This dog owner who knew just how to soothe their lil' pal.

there's a thunderstorm but the good news is my headphones fit Bella perfectly

9. And this dog owner who threw one hell of a baby shower.

10. This girl who left some very detailed instructions about her fish.

11. And this extra AF dog owner who did the same.

12. This creative cat owner who found an excellent solution.

Most of u know cheddar has medical issues and tears thru his bandages. pet clothes r expensive so I made him a flan…

13. And this one, who should also definitely go into the business of making cat clothes.

I made my kitten a sweater so he wouldn't get chilly with the A/C on and now he thinks he's a stud

14. This guy who made a room really feel like home.

My brother built his dog a separate room in his house !

15. This cat owner who knows her cat's very particular tastes.

16. This pet owner who understands the influence of role models.

im fucking crying the text says "i'm trying to give him positive role models"

17. And this woman who gave the sweetest Valentine's Day gift.

Since his gf is no longer with us, i decided to cheer him up with a bouquet of carrots on valentines day ❤️

18. This woman who prioritised her dog.

this lady has her dog in the front seat and husband in the back. this will be me as a wife someday.

19. This person who made sure to celebrate their gecko's special day.

20. This family who celebrated their cat's 15th birthday in the best way.

Family throws quinceañera for cat who just turned 15

21. And finally, this bird owner who is so wholesome it'll make you tear up a bit.