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    Calling Anyone Over 25: This New Aesthetic Ovenware Range Is The Stuff Of Your Dinner Party Dreams

    I'll take it in every colour, thanks.

    You've probably hard of Our Place, the creators of the iconic Always Pan...

    ...and equally genius Perfect Pot.

    Well now they've launched a new ovenware range and I'm officially obsessed.

    The set is comprised of four items (and comes in a range of gorgeous shades). First up is the Oven Pan – as well as baking or roasting, it acts as a griddle that works on electric and gas hobs! It's ideal for everything from your fry-ups to heating up naans or cooking quesadillas.

    There's also a 'tiny' bake for loaf-sized bakes, plus a 'side' bake that works well for, you guessed it, sides.

    Then there's the 'main' bake which is perfect for family sized servings!

    The set is available in five different but equally gorgeous shades, including a pale oatmeal, a rosy pink, and an earthy green.

    So what are you waiting for? You can snap up Our Place's ovenware set here!