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    This Fashion App Shows You Clothes On People With Your Body Type, So Shopping Just Got Easier

    This is, in a word, genius.

    Bodies come in all builds, shapes, and sizes, so it can be really frustrating when garments are often shown on a limited range of bodies, making it hard to work out what will suit you.

    Enter: Mys Tyler, a (free!) app that matches you with fashionable women from around the world with a similar body to you, so you can enjoy some style inspo and get an idea of what various outfits would look like on you.

    It's pretty simple – you take a quiz about your body and their FIT algorithm gets to work on matching you with stylish women whose looks you can access through the app. There's hundreds of contributors so you're bound to come across plenty who look like you!

    Over 100,000 women have downloaded the app so far, and it's little surprise as it doesn't just match on size, but on height, shape, and colouring which makes it *super* relevant to you.

    Talking about the app, founder Sarah Neill says “not all of us love shopping or know what is going to suit us, so it’s great to be able to find the women who are already doing the job of finding outfits that will suit our height, size and shape (because that’s their height, shape and size too).”

    And if you're stuck on your autumn wardrobe ATM, Mys Tyler founding contributor Tiffany Daniels has lots of suggestions for trends that look great on everyone! Texture (leather, knit), houndstooth and floral patterns, knit wrap dresses and turtleneck dresses, muted earth and neutral tones, elevated loungewear, and colour blocking (whew!).

    So if you're fed up of feeling like your body needs to fit clothes versus clothes needing to fit you, download Mys Tyler here!