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    22 Multipurpose Products That Are Good At Every Single One Of Their Jobs

    Get you a product that can do it all.

    1. This Miraculous Oil by Veet really lives up to its name – use it pre-shaving to minimise razor burn and ingrown hairs, or apply it afterwards as a moisturiser.

    2. The Pink Stuff cleaning paste is tough on removing stains but gentle on your surfaces. You can use it on everything from saucepans to sinks and barbecues!

    3. You can use this versatile cleaning putty in any tricky nooks and crannies, whether it's your laptop keyboard or the vents of your car.

    4. With this three-in-one snack maker, you can whip up waffles, toasties, and paninis thanks to its interchangeable plates. All I want to know is, where has this been all my life?

    5. This vegan-friendly face oil contains – wait for it – hyaluronic, glycolic, and lactic acids as well as vitamins C and E to target a wide variety of skin concerns.

    6. There's little that this Bar Keeper's Friend powder can't do, TBH. Use it to remove rust, stains, mineral deposits, and more! It'll work on a wide variety of surfaces, from copper to porcelain and stainless steel.

    7. These activated charcoal bags will absorb excess moisture and unpleasant odours. They're perfect for your car or the inside of your wardrobe!

    8. Whether your oven needs a thorough clean or your favourite baking pan is caked in burnt-on food, this highly-rated cleaner has your back.

    9. This nifty toothbrush holder will *also* dispense your toothpaste for you.

    10. Clean, polish, and protect your wooden surfaces with this natural beeswax.

    11. If GBBO has got you in the baking mood, you might appreciate this mixing bowl that also acts as a digital scale and measuring jug.

    12. These Magic Sponge erasers really live up to their name! All you have to do is add water for them to work their grime-busting magic all around your home.

    13. This Dr. PawPaw balm can be used on your lips, nails, cuticles, skin, and hair. Not bad for less than a fiver, right?

    14. This rubber broom will quickly become your go-to cleaning tool. It works just as well on carpets as it does on laminate flooring and decking!

    15. This three-in-one cleaner will remove grime from your leather surfaces while also conditioning it and providing UV protection.

    16. These little sachets will kill moths, protect your clothes from further infestation, and leave your garments with a lovely lavender scent!

    17. These Ecoegg tumble dryer eggs will reduce the drying time of your clothes by up to 28%! They can replace fabric conditioner too, as they'll soften your clothes and infuse them with fragrance.

    18. This antibacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal spray can help with all sorts of skin problems and minor wounds that your pet may be suffering from.

    19. The formula of this Sally Hansen Double Duty works as a base coat, a top coat, and a way to strengthen your nails. Judging from the 4.5-star average rating, it does a pretty good job of it all too!

    20. This silicone brush provides a scalp massage, will really ~get into~ the roots of your hair to thoroughly clean it, and – according to reviewers – can even help with dandruff!

    21. This nifty dermaplaning razor is ideal for tidying up your brows and removing peach fuzz. It'll also exfoliate your face by removing dead skin from the surface!

    22. These silicone roasting racks by OXO allow excess fat to drip off your roast chicken rather than just pooling at its base. When used side by side, they also work as a trivet to put hot pans on!