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    17 Times "Would I Lie To You?" Was Just Really Damn Funny

    "What's the most complex thing you do in your kitchen?" "Worry about death."

    1. When David Mitchell didn't want to get to the point.

    2. When Lee Mack attempted to insult Jon Richardson, but he had the perfect reply.

    3. And when Lee had this to say about 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown.

    4. When everyone reacted to this confession about carrots.

    5. When Charlie Brooker didn't get the answer he was probably expecting.

    6. When this dad joke was made.

    7. When everyone turned to look at Richard Osman after this question.

    8. When David Mitchell didn't mind taking the piss out of himself.

    9. And when he pointed out a flaw in Lee's logic.

    10. When Romesh Ranganathan told a story about he tried to help a pupil.

    11. When David had this response to a question.

    12. And when he made this observation about pyjamas.

    13. When Miles Jupp was pretty savage.

    14. When the premise of the game didn't quite work.

    15. And when Fern Britton and David ganged up against Lee.

    16. When Richard Hammond was roasted after answering an innocuous question.

    17. And finally, when there was this perfect comeback to Gregg Wallace.

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