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    Missoma Have A Jewellery Advent Calendar Worth Over Double Its Price And Frankly It's A Want, Not A Need

    This is next-level glamorous.

    Do you like chic, stunning jewellery? And do you like getting it for way less than it's actually worth? Of course you do.

    Well, you're in luck as Missoma have launched their 2021 advent calendar and it features 12(!) of their bestselling pieces. The best part is that while it's worth £812, you'll pay less than half of that for it!

    All the jewellery is in 18ct gold vermeil, and ranges from hair clips to earrings to bracelets, so you'll be spoilt for choice when you want to accessorise your outfits.

    The packaging is as luxe as you'd expect, with a neutral black and gold look that also makes it *highly* giftable.

    You'll have peace of mind too, as the jewellery comes with a two year warranty!

    The advent calendar is limited edition, so I reckon you might want to head over here and click "add to basket" pretty soon.