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    18 Seriously Helpful Products Dog Owners Need To Know About

    You and your dog deserve only the best.

    1. A secure, waterproof car seat cover that will protect your interiors from pet hair.

    2. This no-rinse deodorising spray that keeps your dog smelling fresh between baths.

    3. This 5-star rated, USB-chargeable LED collar that’s perfect for when you take your dog for an evening stroll.

    4. A best-selling hair remover roller that gets rid of pet hair on your bed, sofa, and carpet.

    5. This 2-in-1 dog coat with an attachable fleece lining meaning it can work for summer AND winter.

    6. This treat ball that cleans their teeth and keeps them entertained at the same time.

    7. This unique de-shedding tool that strips excess hair from your dog’s coat.

    8. This microfiber bathrobe for drying them off with minimal hassle.

    9. An electric pet nail grinder that’s so much easier than using clippers.

    10. This pair of BPA-free collapsible bowls for easier feeding when you’re travelling together.

    11. This leak-proof water bottle that makes it easy to keep your dog hydrated on the go.

    12. A puppy papoose to carry around your pup (or very small adult dog) on the go.

    13. This heavy-duty yet comfortable harness that will see you two through many walks.

    14. A cruelty-free detangling spray that will loosen the knots in your dog’s mane and make brushing them a breeze.

    15. This highly-rated slow feeder bowl that keeps your dog from gulping down dinner.

    16. This no-spill water bowl that’s great for both car journeys and at home.

    17. These biodegradable cornstarch poop bags for environmentally-conscious dog owners.

    18. This hands-free lead that has a handy pouch for treats.