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    21 Kitchen Products That, Frankly, Have No Right To Look As Good As They Do

    It turns out your kitchen can be the most glamorous room in your house!

    1. These salt and pepper shakers look, and I really can't stress this enough, like pomegranates.

    2. These flashy (and functional) iridescent knives come with a clear acrylic stand so you can show them off properly.

    3. This moon-phase bowl is perfect for serving salads in, storing fruit, and just generally making your kitchen look fancy.

    4. This set of measuring cups can be nested inside one another so they don't take up much space, and the largest one also doubles up as a mug for your cuppa.

    5. The gold-toned and matte black contrast on this cutlery set give them a real wow factor.

    6. I just can't be-leaf how cute this slotted spoon is.

    7. Get this monogrammed mug that you can match to your name and will have guests saying "ooh, where did you get that from?"

    8. This little food waste bin can be mounted to your wall, attached to the inside of a cupboard door, or just sit there lookin' cute on your kitchen counter.

    9. "Pretty" isn't a word you'd usually use to describe tea towels, but the ones in this set of four undeniably are.

    10. These eco-friendly bamboo bowls have a striking leaf print and can be used just like regular crockery – they're dishwasher safe up to 70°C.

    11. You can display up to six bottles of wine in style with this understated rack.

    12. The five utensils in this set will cover pretty much all of your cooking needs, and they'll look great on your worktop too.

    13. Decant your coffee, tea, and sugar into these subtly chic canisters – they have a generous one litre capacity each so you won't need to refill them very often!

    14. This glass container with a bamboo lid will make storing your leftover chilli con carne feel a lil' fancy.

    15. Getting a good cast iron casserole dish is a sign you're officially an adult, but getting this powder blue one means you're officially an adult who *also* has excellent taste.

    16. Your current oven mitt has likely seen better days, so why not try this geometric-patterned double oven glove?

    17. This ceramic pour-over coffee set will make your morning brew feel a little bit ~luxe~. You get a dripper as well as a mug, and both are dishwasher safe.

    18. This reusable set of beeswax wraps are a perfect alternative to cling film and tinfoil when it comes to wrapping food or storing leftovers – and the floral and avocado designs don't hurt either.

    19. Enjoy tea for one in this seriously stunning ceramic teapot. They're handcrafted so each one is slightly different, making yours truly unique.

    20. Pop your teaspoon and used tea bag on this adorable little dish that honestly speaks the truth.

    21. These coasters are made from agate marble and mango wood, so they're far from flimsy!