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    19 Genius Kitchen Products To Help Make Cooking Less Messy

    Because the worst bit of cooking is the cleaning up.

    1. This ventilated silicone pot cover will help to stop your pasta water from boiling over and spilling onto your hob.

    2. Cleaning food off of the hob truly is the worst, but these non-stick liners really take the effort out of it. You can cut them perfectly to fit your hob, and when they get dirty just wash them by hand or put them in the dishwasher.

    3. Save on extra washing up by using these separators that let you boil different foods in the same pot without them getting all mixed together.

    4. This squeegee will clear leftovers from your plate so you don't have to put in so much elbow grease when it comes to washing the dishes (i.e. not wasting a good portion of your evening trying to scrub bolognese sauce off your plates).

    5. Mincing garlic is quick, neat, and easy with this garlic rocker. Rather than crushing it, it's cut into minuscule pieces that preserve the aromatic oils that make garlicky foods so great.

    6. This set of chopping boards are flexible so you can bend them and easily tip your ingredients directly into the pot with no hassle or mess.

    7. You can hang this bin over the door of your kitchen cupboard and scrape any vegetable peelings and other food waste into it while cooking.

    8. Protect your hob and counters from splatters with this splash guard. Just hold it over a hot pan to stop the oil or sauce from spitting out onto your surfaces (or you!)

    9. Get every last bit of food out of the pan and onto your plate with these silicone spatulas. They're great for baking too as you'll be able to scrape all the batter from out of the bowl.

    10. Chop your food evenly and with no effort using this heavy-duty food chopper, all you have to do is push down the lid and you're done!

    11. These gap covers help to stop crumbs and other bits of cooking mess from getting stuck in the gap between your stove and counters.

    12. This clip-on strainer means you won't have to bother with a colander next time you want to drain your pasta. Its nifty size makes it easier to store than a colander too.

    13. You can cook rice perfectly in the microwave with this steamer, and won't even need to drain it afterwards – just serve it straight from the pot!

    14. This pan rack and spoon holder will keep your counters clean and free from dripping water or sauce while you're cooking.

    15. To get the peskiest crumbs and powdered spices off of your counters, this crumb collector should do the trick.

    16. This reusable microwave bag will make jacket potatoes that taste as crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside as oven-cooked ones!

    17. These reusable oven liners take the hassle out of the (gross and very tedious) chore of cleaning the base of your oven. They'll catch drips and spills and then can be washed by hand with warm soapy water or in the dishwasher.

    18. This hob scraper will remove that stubborn, burnt-on food from your hobs that no scourer could tackle.

    19. You can trim herbs directly over the pan or roasting tin with these scissors, cutting out (sorry) the need to use a chopping board or ending up with trimmings on your counter.