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    19 Products To Keep Your Brain And Body Busy While You're Stuck At Home

    Get thinking AND moving.

    1. If you're doing at-home pilates and barre workouts, this inflatable ball that's designed to increase balance and core strength will come in handy.

    2. This lateral thinking puzzle block contains a new, brainteasing puzzle every day for a whole year. It's undated so you can start at any time (and now seems as good a time as any, tbh).

    3. Become a Jedi master of origami with this Star Wars book that has everything you need to make perfect paper craft recreations of characters, vehicles, and droids from the films.

    4. Shaking and spinning this Powerspin disc gives your upper body a great workout. Reviewers say it gets the heart rate going too, so you're doing some cardio at the same time!

    5. From word searches to crosswords and sudoku, The Mindfulness Puzzle Book is packed with puzzles that are perfect for whiling away an afternoon or relaxing before bed.

    6. 50 Lists for Feminists is a guided journal that you can dip in and out of, and it's filled with interesting bits of feminist history as well as prompts to get you thinking.

    7. This pack of resistance bands includes five different resistance levels, so you can mix it up depending on how much of a challenge you're after.

    8. Once you're finished with this embroidery craft kit, you'll have a stunning bit of decor to show off!

    9. Create your own home workout routine with these fun flashcards that each show a different exercise you can do. There's 100 cards, which means endless possible combinations that'll ensure you don't get bored.

    10. Skipping is easy, fun, and really good cardio. The length of this one is adjustable which makes it perfect for everyone in the family regardless of height!

    11. For a fun take on learning a new language, this deck of cards will teach you a variety of swear words from all around the globe.

    12. Add some extra "oomph" to your bodyweight workout with these core sliders! They make poses such as planks and lunges tougher by challenging your balance, so that you have to engage your core more to keep steady.

    13. Unleash your inner artist with this colouring book that's packed with stunning illustrations which only get more magical and fantastical as you work through it.

    14. To make this mechanical Harry Potter model (that actually moves!) you don't need any scissors or glue, but you DO need a lot of time and patience as it takes 6-10 hours to complete!

    15. Roll these yoga dice to get a random combination of poses that'll challenge your strength, balance, and flexibility.

    16. Or how about this 30 day yoga challenge? You'll get a different activity to try every day, with detailed instructions on how to do them.

    17. This 1,000-piece puzzle will keep you busy for a while, and at the end you'll have stunning illustrations of 54 inspirational women from throughout history.

    18. Using one of these slam balls will really work your muscles – you can incorporate it into exercises like bear crawls, or just pick it up and (you guessed it) slam it down onto the ground.

    19. Thinking of getting into crafting but don't know where to start? This Craftiosity subscription box will take the hassle out of choosing by sending you a surprise craft project every month alongside everything you'll need to complete it!