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    These Eco-Friendly Productivity Notepads Are 100% Tree-Free And Honestly? I'm Intrigued

    Stationery lovers, this one's for you.

    If you haven't heard of Karst, they're an Australian company that turns recycled stone into high-quality stationery without using any bleach or acids. They recently launched a range of tree-free productivity notepads that make the perfect fancy Valentine's Day gift for your S.O. who's working from home!

    All of the notepads are tear-resistant and waterproof so they're really made to last. You won't get any ink bleeding onto the other side of the paper either!

    The new productivity range is especially handy for anyone who's struggling to manage their time ATM, and it includes this weekly desk planner that helps you prioritise tasks and reflect on your week. It even has a gridded dot section that – IMO – is ideal for habit tracking.

    For day-to-day planning, this action pad is perfect and has plenty of room for you to organise your schedule and get things done.

    And if you want to go super streamlined, this slimline task pad helps you to really focus only on the things that matter that day.

    If you fancy checking out their full range of eco-friendly and sustainable stationery, you can do so over here!