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    18 Jokes About Trying To Eat Healthy That Are Relatable AF

    *Dabs grease off pizza with a paper towel* I'm eating healthy.

    1. This budgeting problem.

    Almonds are good for when I want to have a healthy snack and want to stop having twelve dollars.

    2. This totally rational fear.

    3. These photos that are honestly too relatable.

    4. This health-conscious decision.

    5. This perfect balance.

    Going for a walk because I want to stay healthy. Taking along a box of M&M's because let's be honest here.

    6. And this fact about how your time gets spent.

    The five years of life you gain by eating healthy are spent preparing healthy food.

    7. This acknowledgement of an abomination.

    A burrito.. in a bowl? Sure that sounds great! And while you're at it, why don't you rip the blankets off me while I sleep, u piece of shit

    8. This perfectly valid response.

    9. This wonderful feeling of ~newness~.

    10. Because seriously, it's a lifestyle.

    11. This delicious-sounding salad.

    I'll have a salad but on top of a burger with cheese "So you want a cheeseburger?" Yes but when you bring it to me say here's your salad

    12. This meal plan that sounds easy enough to stick to.

    9am: protein shake, oatmeal 1pm: small salad, chicken breast 5pm: grilled salmon, spinach 9pm: 4 whole "i don't give a shit anymore" pizzas

    13. And this tragic moment.

    14. This accurate description of lettuce.

    ad for letuce: do u- hey do u ever wish u coud eat water

    15. This example of pushing yourself.

    16. This contradiction that definitely happens a lot.

    AT A WHOLE FOODS: this change begins now. a better diet means a better me. AT A GAS STATION: whats these two slushies taste like... together

    17. This flawless logic.

    18. And this reasoning.