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16 Images Of Peeled Fruits That You'll Either Find Disturbing Or Oddly Satisfying

Lemons should just never be peeled.

1. This stark naked peach.

2. This veiny-looking peeled cherry.

3. This peeled watermelon that will make you say "idk how I feel about this".

4. This naked lemon just chilling.

5. This peeled wedge of clementine that looks...squidgy.

6. These peeled pomegranates.

7. This array of peeled lime wedges.

8. This container of peeled grapes that's just, well, it's interesting to look at.

9. This fleshy, peeled plum.

10. This completely skinless strawberry.

11. This peeled blood orange.

12. This tomato with the top still intact, complete with a little pile of tomato skin on the side.

13. This stark realisation into what the inside of a blueberry looks like.

14. This whole, peeled avocado.

15. This big ol' bare cucumber.

16. And finally, this perfectly peeled coconut.