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    21 Home And Kitchen Products That We Know Work Because We've Tried Them

    From baking tools to deep cleaners.

    1. I used this bath sealing tape for the area between my tub and wall to stop it getting gross and mouldy – it was really easy to install!

    2. Give your house a cosy vibe with this flame-effect fireplace lamp.

    3. These large vacuum bags helped to free up some of my precious wardrobe space.

    4. This extra-long bath mat is impossibly plush and cosy.

    5. Make some barista-quality beverages at home with this matcha whisk that also works as a milk frother.

    6. This V-shaped pillow makes sitting up in bed even more comfortable.

    7. Speaking of pillows, these ones will make every night feel like you're sleeping in a fancy hotel.

    8. This pastry cutter makes quick work of everything from pie doughs to crumble toppings.

    9. If you don't have a table to work from or simply prefer to be on the sofa, this lap desk will come in extremely handy.

    10. And if you still have no idea when you'll be back at the office, nab this memory foam pillow for the chair you're currently working from!

    11. Sick of slimy soap bars? This soap saver will keep it "high and dry" rather than a pile of mush.

    12. This rolling pin comes with removable discs that help you roll your dough to the perfect level of thickness.

    13. This marble-look contact paper is a low effort way to transform your furniture.

    14. Remove pet hair from your sofa with this reusable roller. It's less wasteful (and more effective IMO) than regular lint rollers.

    15. Before you give up on those tea or coffee-stained mugs, give this deep-cleaning powder a go.

    16. Take any guesswork out of your roasts by using this meat thermometer.

    17. These drawer organisers will help you make That Dreaded Drawer so much less cluttered.

    18. This all-purpose descaler by Oust banished the scales lurking at the bottom of my kettle.

    19. The e-cloth pad makes quick work of removing stubborn food residue, and you don't even need to use washing-up liquid!

    20. Why not swap your regular detergent for this eco-friendly egg? Its cleaning pellets lift dirt and grime from clothes and can be used over and over again!

    21. If you want something to really stay in place, I highly recommend this durable Velcro tape.