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13 Foods That Look Completely Different In America Compared To Britain

Did you know "flapjacks" in America are pancakes? I sure as hell didn't.

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4. Breadsticks in America:

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British people, did you ever see that *puts breadsticks in purse* meme and think, Who likes breadsticks that much? It makes more sense when you see what American ones look like.


Pancakes in Britain:

Barryseward / Getty Images

Ours are way thinner and not fluffy. On Pancake Day we make these with lemon and sugar on top. Definitely not well-suited to being eaten with bacon and eggs.


Pudding in Britain:

Abpphotography / Getty Images, Cheche22 / Getty Images, Sirichai_ec2 / Getty Images

Pudding here isn't a specific food, but another way of saying dessert, although SOME of those desserts have the word "pudding" in the name. It's a little complicated.


12. Flapjacks in America:

Julia_sudnitskaya / Getty Images

OK I have to admit it BLEW MY MIND that flapjacks in America are just another name for pancakes. I'd say this must be confusing for them, but in the UK there are about 24 different names for a bread roll depending on where you are.