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    Here Are The Bestselling Products Our Readers Loved In September

    From grossly satisfying blackhead removers to a descaler that'll sort your kettle out.

    1. This purifying face mask minimises pores, smooths your complexion, removes dead cells and dirt, and helps to protect your skin from pollutants. So it's safe to say it's got a lot going for it!

    2. These cruelty-free acne patches absorb all the gunk in your spots to help them heal faster.

    3. This mould-remover spray only takes 30 minutes to work its magic, and the results speak for themselves!

    4. This stain-erasing dental tool will remove plaque and reveal the clean teeth underneath.

    5. Pets are great, but pet hair all over your furniture? Not so much. Which is where this 4.7-star-rated reusable pet hair remover comes in.

    6. Make your notes approximately 100x more aesthetically pleasing with these pretty pastel highlighters.

    7. After some shinier stationery? Give this eight-pack of metallic pens a go to make your writing ~sparkle~.

    8. You might associate dark lipsticks with dry lips, but this deep plum one by Rimmel is moisturising and feels practically weightless.

    9. This drop-in descaler is a must-have for anyone sick of floating bits of limescale in their tea (which it's probably safe to assume is most people.)

    10. This blackhead remover vacuum sucks out your blackheads, which is gross but so, so satisfying at the same time.

    11. Or if that's not how you fancy removing them, try this five-piece blackhead extractor set.

    12. This sturdy ball doesn't just keep your dog entertained, it cleans their teeth at the same time!

    13. The NIP+FAB Dragons Blood Fix Serum contains hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate your skin, leaving you glowing.

    14. And these NIP+FAB night pads decongest dull skin and brighten your complexion.

    15. These little eyebrow razors aren't just great for shaping up your brows, they can remove dead skin cells too.

    16. This 12-pack of Korean sheet masks all have a variety of different benefits, from brightening to moisture, and are suitable for all skin types.

    17. Say goodbye to cracked heels with these foot peel masks that effectively remove dry skin and leave your feet feeling smooth within seven days.

    18. Who amongst us wouldn't want one of these cute essential oil diffusers that has eight different colour light options depending on the vibe you're going for?

    19. Finally, if you're someone who likes to drift off listening to a podcast or your most relaxing Spotify playlist, you'll know the struggle of trying to getting comfy while you have headphones in. This Bluetooth-operated wireless headphone band solves that problem.