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    Here Are The Bestselling Products Our Readers Loved In November

    And a lot of it is surprisingly affordable.

    1. This makeup sponge holder is a hygienic, simple, and affordable solution to an annoying problem.

    2. These highly-rated kitchen knives look way more expensive than they are.

    3. Vera Wang Princess is perfect for fans of sweet scents – it's fruity, floral, and has notes of vanilla.

    4. These self-adhesive hooks will be a useful addition to your kitchen or bathroom.

    5. You can mount your phone onto this magnetic air vent holder safe in the knowledge that it'll stay put.

    6. This little gadget will let you easily clean your glasses, and it's small enough to carry around with you too.

    7. This USB-chargeable tooth stain remover makes easy work of removing stubborn plaque and tartar.

    8. The W7 reusable makeup removal cloth is an easy and eco-friendly way to remove makeup, and it only needs some water in order to work its magic!

    9. Always forgetting where your keys are? Try these magnetic key hooks that come with a little bird house to keep them in when you're at home!

    10. If you live in a hard water area you'll know that limescale can be a real problem, but this foam cleaner thoroughly removes it within five minutes.

    11. Pop this dehumidifier in your car and it'll tackle misted windscreens and damp odours thanks to its ability to extract excess moisture like a magnet.

    12. This little wooden stand will hold your glasses when you're not using them.

    13. This Phillips fabric shaver de-bobbles your favourite knitwear without the risk of damaging it.

    14. Make your kitchen that bit cuter with these succulent fridge magnets!

    15. Check your eyeliner is still intact while on the go with one of these cookie-shaped compacts that look good enough to eat.

    16. Save on hand wash by getting one of these foaming liquid soap dispensers that claim to reduce soap consumption by up to 75%.

    17. This pair of OXO Good Grips brushes will help you clean the hardest-to-clean bits of your home.

    18. This shower head filters your water, helps you save up to 30% water, AND delivers increased water pressure.

    19. This Joseph Joseph toothbrush caddy is the perfect size for electric toothbrushes, and it's easy to clean too.

    20. This gentle-yet-effective facial hair remover painlessly cuts the hair close to the skin without it going all stubbly.

    21. This eight-pack of reusable stainless steel straws are the perfect alternative to environmentally-unfriendly plastic ones.