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    18 Products To Help You Achieve Your 2021 Fitness Goals, Even If You Can't Get To The Gym

    You can get stronger, faster, or more flexible while at home!

    The start of a new year is pretty synonymous with new fitness resolutions, but it's understandably a little harder this year to know where to begin as gyms up and down the country are shut.

    However, it's still possible to achieve your goals! I've been training consistently for two and a half years and the last nine months of that have been at home – so I've learned which products are well worth a purchase to keep you fit even if you can't get to the gym. Below are some things that'll ensure you can still make exercise a part of your life in 2021:

    1. This set of kettlebells features a variety of weights for a full body workout – hold one close to your chest while squatting for added resistance, or to target your upper body do bicep curls with it! I own a 10kg version from this brand and it's of a high-quality with non-slip handles.

    2. These fabric resistance bands are sturdier than the regular kind and range from a beginner-friendly light one to a seriously tough heavy option. They're great for adding difficulty to exercises like squats or glute bridges without needing an actual weight.

    3. And to add even more variety to your home workouts, there's these long resistance bands. They're great for strength exercises like bicep curls as well as improving your mobility and flexibility.

    4. This highly-rated running belt is barely noticeable once it's on, so you can focus on your run rather than the feeling of the bag hitting against you.

    5. The recovery part of working out can be as important as the actual exercise! Foam rolling regularly can help to prevent injury, and this one has a 4.5-star average rating and comes with a guide that teaches you how to use it properly.

    6. This Swiss ball is a versatile piece of kit that's especially good for your legs and core – use it for hip thrusts, hamstring curls, and crunches among other things.

    7. Slam balls are 1) very satisfying to use and 2) a great workout! They're a simple and effective way to challenge your body, and these ones have a no-bounce design that means you can slam them on the ground till your heart's content.

    8. This workout mat is thick and durable enough to withstand a wide variety of workouts – whether you want to get into yoga or do a core-based HIIT circuit. Unlike some mats, it doesn't roll up during use!

    9. These adjustable dumbbells are well worth the investment, as they can be adapted as your fitness levels increase. You'll get twelve plates in three different weights, which is plenty to customise the dumbbells to your needs.

    10. For some people, a fitness tracker helps with motivation. If you're keen to see if that applies to you but don't want to splurge, this highly-rated one is an affordable alternative to big-name brands.

    11. Running in the cold is a pretty unappealing prospect, but these touchscreen friendly gloves will make it more bearable and ensure your hands don't remain freezing while the rest of you warms up.

    12. Having some structure to workouts can really help when it comes to achieving fitness goals, which is where this (frankly adorable) workout log comes in. It has space for you to record your sets and reps, allowing you to track your progress over time.

    13. If ~traditional~ exercises don't really appeal to you but you want to move more, it might be worth giving this weighted hula hoop a try. The 1.2kg weight makes it perfect for beginners and it can easily be disassembled so won't take up much room.

    14. These 4.4-star rated headphones have over 27,000 reviews and prove that wireless headphones don't have to be expensive. They'll let you fling yourself around the living room during HIIT sessions without the worry of your headphone wires disconnecting.

    15. Or if you're committed to taking up running, this beanie has built-in Bluetooth so you can keep your ears warm on winter runs and listen to your playlist, podcast, or audiobook of choice!

    16. Got someone else in your household who's also looking to get fitter? This set of boxing gloves and sparring pads is perfect. You can take turns using the gloves and effectively create your own boxercise class at home!

    17. For those relatively new to yoga but keen to take it up properly in 2021, these yoga blocks and strap will be your new best friend. The blocks come in handy when you can't quite touch the floor for a move, and the strap will help you hold trickier poses.

    18. If you're new to exercise or coming back to it after a break, you're likely to get some muscle soreness at the start which might set your training back a few days. Treat yourself after a workout to a soak in these bath salts that help to reduce aches and pains.