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    18 Food Pictures That Will Give You Intense Primary School Flashbacks

    We don't eat enough chocolate concrete as adults.

    1. Potato smiley faces

    Flickr: slushpup

    They went well with everything.

    2. Sponge cake with confetti topping

    3. Chocolate concrete

    4. Turkey twizzlers

    5. Chocolate cornflake cakes

    Flickr: tompagenet

    The ultimate Easter snack in primary school.

    6. Iced gems

    7. Cornflake tart

    8. Dairylea dunkers

    9. And Dairylea Lunchables

    10. Turkey dinosaurs

    11. Pom Bears

    12. Iced buns

    13. Caramel tart

    14. Pepperami

    15. Choc Dips

    16. Cress sandwiches, made with watercress you grew at school

    17. Cheesestrings

    18. And of course, rice pudding with a dollop of jam

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