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18 Food Pictures That Will Give You Intense Primary School Flashbacks

We don't eat enough chocolate concrete as adults.

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1. Potato smiley faces

They went well with everything.
Flickr: slushpup

They went well with everything.

2. Sponge cake with confetti topping

3. Chocolate concrete

Something that, as adults, we don't eat enough of.

4. Turkey twizzlers


5. Chocolate cornflake cakes

The ultimate Easter snack in primary school.
Flickr: tompagenet

The ultimate Easter snack in primary school.

9. And Dairylea Lunchables

Providing you with your staple food groups of ham, cheese and crackers.

10. Turkey dinosaurs

All food tasted better when in it was in the shape of something else.

12. Iced buns

To the untrained eye it's just a roll with some icing, but they were actually amazing.

14. Pepperami

Instagram: @nyrorachel_sw

I.e. the smell of the bus on every school trip you took in primary school.

16. Cress sandwiches, made with watercress you grew at school

18. And of course, rice pudding with a dollop of jam

An iconic combination.