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    24 Products To Help You Live Your Fanciest Life Even While You're Stuck At Home

    Feel ~luxe~ even if you're wearing trackies every day.

    1. These satin pillowcases don't just look good, they also work wonders to help retain the moisture in your hair and skin while you sleep.

    2. Take some *you* time out of each day to use this rose quartz face roller that helps with lymphatic drainage, skin elasticity, and cell turnover. If you pop it in the fridge before using it, it'll feel really soothing to the touch too!

    3. Make your messy bun or day-three ponytail look a bit luxe with one of these satin scrunchies. Every colour they come in is understated but ~sophisticated~!

    4. This hair towel is infused with argan oil, so it'll nourish your hair and help it to dry faster at the same time.

    5. This stunning copper teapot can hold over a litre of tea, which is perfect if you seem to be downing even more cuppas than usual while at home.

    6. And drink your daily brews from one of these floral – and very Instagram-friendly – monogrammed mugs that are available in every letter of the alphabet.

    7. Give yourself an at-home manicure with this Rimmel nail polish in the shade 'Euphoria' – it dries in 60 seconds, lasts for up to 10 days, and looks amazing.

    8. Give your eyes a break from screens with this lavender-scented linen eye mask. It can be heated or cooled, depending on what you're after.

    9. This decorative white rose garland will provide an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for all those video calls you're having.

    10. This pack of sheet masks is seriously highly-rated (4.8 stars, to be exact), cruelty free, AND contains good-for-your-skin ingredients like vitamin C.

    11. If having a long, luxurious soak in the tub isn't an option for you, you can still feel fancy with these 'chill out' shower steamers. Put one in your shower, step in, and enjoy the invigorating scents it releases.

    12. Snuggle up on the sofa in style with this shaggy faux fur blanket that's softer than it has any right to be, tbh.

    13. Use this sisal body brush in the shower with your cleanser of choice to get glowing, exfoliated skin.

    14. You can basically live in the future with this Bluetooth-enabled pillow that'll let you drift off while you listen to your favourite audiobooks, podcasts, or music.

    15. Getting that bouncy, freshly blow-dried look at home is easier than you'd think thanks to this BaByliss Flawless Volume hot air brush. Use it on damp hair and it'll dry your locks while also styling them.

    16. This planner basically looks like a work of art, and has daily tearaway sheets that help you effectively plan what you want to get done (because we could all use a bit of structure right now).

    17. Bring the spa vibes to your home with this lil' essential oil diffuser that has seven different light options, so you can pick whichever one best matches your decor.

    18. And gift yourself this set of essential oils that comes in seriously stunning packaging. The scents include orange, tea tree, and lavender among others!

    19. It'll be hard to NOT feel fancy when relaxing with this 'big night in' kit from Calm Club. It includes cosy wool socks, a padded eye mask, and a patchouli soy wax candle among other things.

    20. This gin infusing kit will let you turn regular ol' gin into four bottles of ~artisanal~ gin, including one in a chocolate orange flavour (which sounds pretty incredible).

    21. The packaging of these incense sticks is just *chef's kiss*, and so are the scents! They include coconut and lime as well as jungle blossom.

    22. And you can pop them in this incense holder that's pretty and practical.

    23. Feel rich as hell (for less than £12) with these 24k gold under eye masks that help to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

    24. You deserve only the finest sweet treats, and they don't get much finer than this array of Green & Blacks chocolates. Enjoy flavours that are hard to find in the supermarket, such as butterscotch, ginger, and toffee alongside the classic milk, white, and dark varieties.