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    If Your Period Messes With Your Skin, You Might Want To Try This Face Mask That's 20% Off Right Now

    Hormonal breakouts, begone!

    If you haven't heard of Faace, they're a skincare brand with a capsule collection of face masks designed to target tired skin, sweaty skin, and period skin! Right now you can get 20% off any and all of them with the code BUZZFACE.

    For anyone whose skin becomes temperamental at that time of the month, the Period Faace one might be perfect for you.

    Its deep-cleaning formula is designed to tackle hormonal breakouts and leave your skin clear. There's clary sage and lavender which have antiseptic properties, white willow to improve cell turnover, and zinc to balance sebum production.

    Alongside that it's got hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated, and green tea for soothing inflammation!

    You can leave the mask on for five minutes, 20 minutes, or even overnight depending on how much time you have and your skincare needs. It's not just a face mask either – pop it on before makeup and it'll work as a priming moisturiser!

    And as if all that wasn't enough, Faace will donate a pack of sanitary products to someone in need with every purchase made.

    So if all of that sounds pretty good to you, head over to Faace and use the code BUZZFACE to get a discount off this mask or any others in their range (excluding the three-mask bundle). Happy shopping!