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18 Things You'll Know If You're Extra AF When It Comes To Makeup

You're pretty "go hard or go home" when it comes to your look.

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1. Whenever you intend to do a subtle look, you start off with good intentions but end up going above and beyond.

'I'll just do some mascara and some natural makeup' 1 hour later...

3. You get put off by the fact that "no makeup" looks can use just as many products as your everyday one.

4. Although sometimes you wish you could get behind this natural-makeup life, so that you wouldn't have to worry about how it seems in different lighting.


7. When you open your palette, it feels wrong to use just one or two shades.

8. And the same goes for thin eyeliner too. It just doesn't feel right.

me: "maybe i should try for a more natural makeup look today" also me: *putting on an inch thick eyeliner wing* "wait what"


10. But when it comes to priorities, you'll always choose doing your makeup over doing your hair.

12. Or add some more glitter.

15. When you wear makeup you want people to truly appreciate the time and money you spent.

16. And when someone complains about how they prefer "natural makeup", you're tempted to point out that they might not know what "natural" means anyway.

Men be like "See! I like women like this! Natural, no make up!"

18. have only one response for anyone who tells you to wear less makeup.

when a man says you would look better "without all that makeup on"

Extra is the only way you do makeup.