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    Struggling To Find Home Fitness Equipment? eBay Has Tons Of It, And We've Picked The Best Finds

    There are kettlebells out there if you know where to look!

    Since lockdown began, one of the things that has been super hard to find online is fitness equipment. But if you haven't thought to look there before, you may not have realised that a lot of (new-condition!) workout gear is available on eBay! We've rounded up some of the best finds that are perfect for your at-home workouts.

    1. Resistance bands are an easy way to make your bodyweight exercises that bit more challenging. This pack of latex ones starts from 'light' and goes all the way up to 'extra heavy', depending on just how intense of a workout you're after. It doesn't hurt that they're great value for money either!

    2. This adjustable skipping rope is lightweight and comfortable to use while still being durable enough to withstand an intense workout.

    3. Kettlebells can be used for a wide variety of workouts, offering both strength training and a way to get your heart rate up, so this set is a great all-rounder. You'll get them in 2kg, 4kg, 6kg, and 8kg, so you can work your way up the stronger you get.

    4. If you're short on space, this mini stepper is a perfect way to fit in some cardio and work your lower body without taking up loads of room in your home.

    5. If you're making your first foray into weight training, this set of 1kg, 2kg, and 4.5kg dumbbells is a great place to start. The stand is included!

    6. Improve your balance, co-ordination, and core strength with this wobble board. It's also a great way to make regular push ups more challenging!

    7. This affordable yoga set contains a block and strap – the former is perfect if touching the floor for some yoga moves is tricky for you, while the strap can help you widen your range of motion.

    8. You can use this band for upper body exercises such as bicep curls and lat pulldowns, but it's also amazing for any stretching you want to do. You'll get a door anchor included too which will allow you to get even more out of it.

    9. This yoga mat is extra thick at 10mm, meaning you can comfortably work out without the floor hurting your back. You'll be able to securely roll and store it away when it's not in use too, thanks to the included carry-strap.

    10. Remember how much fun hula hooping was at school? Well you can still do it now, and with this 1.2kg weighted hoop you'll get a great workout from it!

    11. You can use this thigh toner for working your thighs, core, and arms, and because it's a medium-level resistance both beginners and more experienced exercise fans can use it.

    12. This medicine ball is super durable and can offer a full-body workout! There's lots of variations for slamming it on the ground – all of which can work your body in different ways – plus the nifty handles mean you can use it as a weight for ab exercises too. Choose from 5kg or 8kg options.

    13. This exercise ball can add some fun and variety to your usual workout. Wall squats, sit-ups, and hamstring curls (among other exercises) can get way more difficult with this thing.

    14. This pull-up bar is easy to set up, comes in variety of colours, and will fit doorways between 63-100cm. It's super solid and sturdy, with a weight-bearing capacity of 120kg.

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