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    19 Cookbooks To Help You Unleash Your Inner Chef During Lockdown

    Perfect for getting creative in the kitchen.

    1. The Hungerpots Cookbook is full of tasty and filling one-pot dishes that only take 20 minutes, so you save on time AND the washing up.

    2. Spice things up in the kitchen (literally) with F*ck That's Hot!, a cookbook that seriously lives up to its name.

    3. If you're really missing going to wagamama, you'll be pleased to know they have this cookbook that lets you create some of that deliciousness in your own kitchen.

    4. Midnight Chicken is beautifully illustrated and full of soul-soothing recipes you'll turn to again and again, because a good meal can be a real comfort when things are overwhelming.

    5. The Veggie Chinese Takeaway Cookbook is – you guessed it – packed with vegetarian versions of your favourite Chinese takeaway meals, and it has plenty of vegan options too!

    6. If you're craving other takeaways too, Fakeaway covers how to cook pretty much every tasty takeaway food from the comfort of your kitchen.

    7. The Roasting Tin is an insanely popular bestseller for a reason – these delicious recipes require hardly any effort or prep, as the oven does the work for you!

    8. If you don't eat meat, there's The Green Roasting Tin which is 50% vegetarian recipes and 50% vegan ones!

    9. If you love halloumi (and who among us doesn't?) you'll probably get a lot of use out of this cookbook dedicated to everyone's favourite squeaky cheese.

    10. Mob Veggie is a budget-friendly cookbook that will help you make filling vegetarian meals for the whole family (or your flatmates).

    11. Whether you're after something quick or fancy making a feast, all the recipes in From the Oven to the Table basically take care of themselves – so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time relaxing on the sofa.

    12. Celebrate London's most famous food market with The Borough Market Cookbook – it takes you on a tour of the market as well as offering recipes that celebrate different seasonal produce.

    13. Posh Potatoes shows you over 70(!) ways to prepare the humble spud, which IMO is the most versatile of all carbs.

    14. Tin Can Cook takes things back to basics by showing you the amazing meals you can make using what's already in your storecupboard.

    15. The Happy Curries cookbook by Leon will take you on a journey of curries around the world, with dishes from Sri Lanka, Somalia, Burma, and more. Because really, you can't go wrong with a nice curry.

    16. If you usually associate sandwiches with slightly soggy tuna mayo ones, it's time to read this guide on how to create seriously incredible sandwiches that'll ensure lunchtime is never boring.

    17. This Moomin cookbook has the kind of comfort recipes we all need on dreary days, plus you get a free (and very cute) tea towel included.

    18. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and now you're at home more you can probably dedicate a bit of extra time to it! The Breakfast Bible has sweet and savoury recipes you'll genuinely look forward to making in the morning.

    19. Did you know Snoop Dogg has a cookbook? Well, now you do! With family favourites, some ~fancy~ dishes, and late-night snacks, this book has something for everyone.